Gliger's Sketchbook

[Image: DIbjpk5.jpg]

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[Image: SRSA5X8.jpg]

gotta pay more attention to the 2 extensor capri radialis tendons, they are very noticeable when you lift your hand

[Image: pMNyKN4.png]

[Image: dLc8f3E.png]

[Image: aBCFQMv.png]

fibularis tertius has a pretty wide insertion area, I always just make it a thin tendon

[Image: jGBDUB4.png]

[Image: gJDSuEc.png]

[Image: lToVkLG.png]

good shit

[Image: 7Imyj8s.png]

[Image: l0hmVFJ.png]

tarsal tunnel, importanttttt

[Image: 2MWECfI.png]

[Image: RZiFsOg.png]

good for seeing the 3-4 spots on the palm where the metacarpals are basically subcutaneous

[Image: MBEg1cl.png]

[Image: kW0RL6u.png]

pay attention to all that bone

[Image: udCZLr7.png]

[Image: EbSWFcH.png]

morning, managed to figure out a useful puppet foot

[Image: ogtCH9q.jpg]

[Image: NZTAhbD.jpg]

[Image: J8gpdI4.jpg]

this space here between the tendons and the metacarpals is importaaaaant

[Image: cLPRuNK.png]


[Image: atCjGGp.jpg]

morning, had to do a bunch of stuff yesterday so I didn't get jack shit done

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[Image: OhipUSN.jpg]

[Image: dD9J5X2.jpg]

[Image: UmqFWkR.jpg]


[Image: R8XMXtR.jpg]

buccinator, prevents accumulation of food in the vestibule, helps with blowing and whistling

[Image: sCAGdG2.jpg]

teeth shape the mouth

[Image: FyZ4dRz.jpg]

[Image: IKjx8ax.jpg]

[Image: EtxO8Yb.jpg]

[Image: oM5YV5G.jpg]

gotta research mouth rhythms

[Image: jtkQQES.png]

[Image: KMqd8rN.png]

zygomatic major/minor

the major basically separates the front plane from the side plane

[Image: QVUJ0PY.png]

2 triangles

[Image: 407v3GU.png]

need to practice and iterate on these individually

[Image: bNswIci.png]

[Image: VWDACsa.png]


[Image: GGBunox.jpg]

[Image: dTpmsq3.jpg]

[Image: nq8N6HW.jpg]

[Image: zvHpVAv.jpg]

[Image: Lwk9IY8.jpg]

[Image: vfAQuIb.jpg]

the semimembranosus is fucking huge and I had never realised

[Image: JBUjtLJ.png]


[Image: VtLSKpX.jpg]

[Image: WbFyuqP.jpg]

[Image: P2gQs8E.jpg]

knuckles have a looot of volume

[Image: 3XS2k9I.jpg]

[Image: Llx5ify.jpg]

you can see the 2 index tendons there near the knuckle

[Image: EhFMMJ5.jpg]

that part moves a looooot

[Image: 2I36UzV.png]


[Image: daoclNi.jpg]

[Image: KoUGy7a.jpg]

from drawpile, I barely draw digitally anymore, took me a bit to warm up

[Image: x7oaj2C.png]

[Image: p5AiCxL.jpg]

[Image: Fh6jkoW.jpg]

cool rhythms

[Image: SXerKk3.png]

that spine is pretty thick

[Image: sMJ9cMJ.png]

pronation, the ulna moves down and up a bit, and steers to the side

the 2 splenius muscles shape the neck, and force the traps to go around it, maintaining that cillindrical shape, instead of going directly from the nuchal ligament to the clavicle

[Image: Lob7BOU.png]


[Image: rsuHmVz.jpg]

[Image: LdgLqRV.jpg]

[Image: trgAkcx.jpg]

[Image: SH47qcm.jpg]

[Image: IAxcmKl.jpg]

[Image: QRhktS4.jpg]

[Image: wzeq36g.png]


[Image: T2DJ5yT.jpg]

[Image: otABYSI.jpg]

[Image: kMcm4uK.png]

[Image: wwf7TiI.jpg]

[Image: qJSGqJL.jpg]

face reveal

need to do a study of those pants folds tomorrow, maybe the cushions as well

[Image: uhkFjM8.png]

Beautiful stuff man!
thaaaaank you bark

[Image: 2wFX1ek.jpg]

[Image: eFol0h2.jpg]

[Image: ln1Ads7.jpg]

these designs get pretty crazy

[Image: APhqEMA.png]

[Image: CquLK4j.png]

that overlap is nuts bro

[Image: js9PSNp.png]

massive difference between flexed and relaxed quads

[Image: bitqQBZ.png]

some reaaaaally important notes on the left on the rhythms of forms, tigh + calves

[Image: oFyfcum.jpg]

[Image: SXw7qn7.jpg]

[Image: Fni8S2t.jpg]

That some sweet sketches,

I see you're interested in sculpting in Zbrush. I've spent a couple of years on this software, here is a head I sculpted in 2018 .

I advise you to take a base mesh with a mouth cavity for these, its extremely tedious to get a good mouth / nice eyes and nostril if your topology is messed up.

The key concept is plane and mass, basically you want to define jaw, cheekbones , chin and all the primary shape before going in to the subtle creases and wrinkles. Also you want to keep everything quite smouth, there is no real hard edge in human faces. Like, when I started, I had the asaro head as an example and I was doing very exaggerated plane , but you only want to use that as a guide and keep your volume round and smooth.

I see you re both doing stylized anatomy and realistic ones. if you plan on doing realistic anatomy in zbrush, I think you need turn around reference, buying some photo of a model of  3DSK could be a great help to have turn around for body and face. professional character sculptor in video games use turn around photo of a person when they do character for AAA game. reference is key ! Also, there exist some nice course on character sculpting such as Adam skutt's off Game Art institute. He also has a gumroad with hair methodology and basemesh example.

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ey thanks for the tips mate

[Image: 4koROdG.jpg]

[Image: ls8GdFy.jpg]

[Image: y9crPmD.jpg]

[Image: Ma72LlL.jpg]

[Image: 0yszWgE.jpg]

[Image: ReS8AVt.png]

coraco, teres, lats, pecs, gotta familiarize myself with this area

[Image: lkvbZV0.png]

cool counter rhythms

[Image: VJXcvIS.png]


[Image: 4kjElli.jpg]

[Image: CUf7IKM.jpg]

[Image: 2ZD6Ovn.jpg]

[Image: vRJ6Bcv.jpg]


[Image: bGLbA8D.png]

I always ignore the upper chunk of the it band

[Image: eiRVE3A.png]

you can see the tendons of the palm, especially when flexing, it's both form and a different color (at least for me, greener in between tendons)

[Image: bBrL1hl.png]

the subcutaneous femur part behind the vast. lat is partly covered by a large fat pad, and tensed by skin pretty far away from the actual bone

idk how accurate these are

[Image: BvybnK0.png]

[Image: bRxU1L3.png]

[Image: bTt9gZA.png]

[Image: G8azqsE.png]

[Image: jbUIvnc.png]

[Image: aDkvk7O.png]

important fold

[Image: keJOkyt.png]

Clothing is always being pulled in some direction, or several at once

[Image: IMG_20190921_174007243.jpg]

[Image: uV40yJt.jpg]

[Image: dAaDGdz.jpg]

[Image: lYNDdtJ.jpg]

[Image: DLMSMJm.jpg]

[Image: 6tbEJei.jpg]

closure and trap wrinkles

[Image: 89lgNVb.png]

[Image: GHu60d5.png]


[Image: l2sxFo3.jpg]

[Image: H1MGLa0.jpg]

[Image: CBbOa6m.jpg]

[Image: sLgnoBi.jpg]

[Image: AX0GQBl.jpg]

[Image: oMqs1Z5.jpg]

muscles for lifting the leg/flexing the hip, 

warning, it's the rectus femoris not the vastus intermedius, the vastus intermedius attaches to the femur not the hip, so it serves to extend the lower leg, not lift the upper

[Image: f5BHa0N.png]

the forms of the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons are veeeery noticeable, especially compared to the other side of the hamstrings where you only have 1 tendon + the IT Tract

[Image: mRqRc3Z.png]

so much bone and tendon on that inner side

[Image: uqePX6z.png]


[Image: czVfQDk.jpg]

[Image: vVx8yEw.jpg]

[Image: gF7ZNon.jpg]

[Image: GEuj17M.jpg]

[Image: Z5Ehpdp.jpg]

[Image: gHNhEMw.jpg]

[Image: rrUPgyf.jpg]

[Image: NSSoNh9.png]

important for the sides of the bottom of the abs
the tendon of the external oblique near the pubis is very thin, letting the internal oblique show
[Image: l1Z6hL5.png]


[Image: 5hjl0Hn.jpg]

I love hdrihaven

[Image: zJJ5maS.png]

[Image: DJJUTOa.jpg]

dice tsutsumi study, practicing blocking out scenes

[Image: BeP0pRg.png]

[Image: q0djMHm.png]

[Image: DNrI2M2.jpg]

[Image: MQKhTBL.jpg]

[Image: BzX9Arh.jpg]


[Image: GiJxrj4.jpg]

[Image: 9PISmMn.jpg]

[Image: 46T0P6z.jpg]

[Image: 9MsTKce.jpg]

[Image: 5G1gNGM.jpg]

[Image: tTd20Ja.jpg]

[Image: ta1k54A.jpg]

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