Gliger's Sketchbook
more feet, I keep struggling with the underside, there isn't much info online about it or how to break down the design.

These were pretty much all from imagination, just trying to knit together the elements in my head

[Image: oW6jyoI.jpg]

[Image: vcCTXU5.jpg]

[Image: NwHim2r.jpg]

[Image: yKpuimp.jpg]

[Image: 9lHCBJs.jpg]

[Image: AVuxgvX.jpg]

[Image: p65YTpc.jpg]

cool view of the sole of the foot when there's weight on it

[Image: adf3db8dae74dfc10e8fac42dc291e1c.jpg]

suuuper cool idea to test the form, fit the heel in the inner gap

[Image: 3mrtGs3.jpg]

too many images to upload, idk when I will lmao

some notes on the neck of the femur, this affects how much you can lift your leg laterally

[Image: 270px-FemurAngles.jpg]

I really like this way of simplifying the side of the hips, not mine, it's by james harren

[Image: STNHDst.jpg]

cool folds and shadows on that hip that I wouldn't have thought of

[Image: wjlsYRN.jpg]

quick note on anatomy studies, keep a 3d anatomy program next to your reference image, and move it around until you get an angle that is close enough, so it's easier to inspect the forms.

[Image: lx9l0Oy.png]

notes on the sartorius, I struggle a bit figuring out its shape in different conditions, it's more noticeable when you open your leg outwards and try to lift your lower leg against a force

bezier curve tool for blender

Image of casey frey, I wonder if that bump under the sternum is the xiphoid process

[Image: 6Q4eJ3q.png]

sweet album

Imgur is taking too long to upload so let me try the daggers attachment option for the first time.

Mostly stuff from imagination while looking at 3d reference models, trying to invent designs I can manage in perspective

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