Gliger's Sketchbook
thanks yall, I'll probably use those images in the near future

some notes on lenses

13:00 nice, so if your emitted light is too strong on a single channel, your brain doesn't really process reflections as bright, because we tend to associate white with brightness

3 important points in the metacarpals, important notes on the pubis area and inner leg

[Image: iwxZgZG.png]

[Image: HlH1zJI.png]

3 important depressions in the foot

[Image: WoISR0l.png]

[Image: cpZ3PCt.jpg]

[Image: sQovSko.jpg]

[Image: mLlcrNB.png]

sesamoid bones

[Image: Rtfust9.png]

[Image: 62mnEzv.png]

[Image: IMG_20190824_175033957.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20190824_234810064.jpg]

[Image: Td88auV.png]

this coreography is insane

Morning, more feet

[Image: IMG_20190825_131946233.jpg]

always mess up how big the cuboid is

[Image: 98eAmZ5.png]


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