Gliger's Sketchbook
Thanks for posting, storytelling in general, comics, animation, visdev.

I like thumbnailing in pencil but taking photos of it sucks, realising some useful stuff about composition that I didn't realise a lot of my favorite artists were doing, like the 50%+ rule, repeating values in different contexts to unify the image...

[Image: sj6rnr5.jpg]

[Image: ndpdrg4.jpg]

peep these caustics, also the SSS in the rubber band and at the terminator of the blue glass thing

[Image: DupbY9y.jpg]

soft vs hard and light size makes a huge difference

[Image: Qi53wdj.png]



enjoy this

[Image: bASrqop.jpg]

I got the broad rhythms more or less down, now it's about bringing all of them to a more finished looking state, as if they were finished images but just in thumbnail form. Time to start sharpening a second pencil.

[Image: brmo9gq.jpg]

ala these 3, but I gotta get even more detailed and clear

[Image: MIDtSKn.jpg]

[Image: CXyFyJt.png]

oooooh shit, of course, cast shadows also will change in shape a lot

[Image: kyhSw4E.png]

dope video


[Image: afmLL7q.jpg]

[Image: AJXLHwO.png]

[Image: uHOiwxC.jpg]

watching touch of evil, I might stick to very constrasty b&w comps for a while until I get the hang of them

[Image: YRT9g3v.png]

[Image: 5lRbnks.png]

[Image: RUBIdFn.png]

morningggg, peleng's new animated movie was so cool

[Image: 2hp2SKH.jpg]

[Image: QcsWVBg.jpg]

[Image: xS8iZLl.jpg]

[Image: crLsaCs.jpg]

[Image: chX6Kbm.jpg]

[Image: E7R3uOC.jpg]

[Image: oeEnah9.jpg]

[Image: WUqkJ59.jpg]

watch robb rupphel's thu 2016 talk, also scott christensen is so good

[Image: T8wCwTQ.jpg]

back to heavypaint, hoping to start paiting outside, at least during the night

[Image: 7nX4qnt.png]

I guess it's because the land is hotter so it takes more height before the water cools down enough to form droplets

[Image: BXYbEqT.png]

[Image: NK0lD0U.jpg]

something I'm loving about the heavypaint app is the rectangle tool, it lets you make a decision on the quality and size of the rectangle while you look at everything else, you scout hte rest of the image, and resize the rectangle without having to look at it, it's such a good way to compose

[Image: MGnDrh3.png]

going to sleep, more tomorrow

[Image: RjyD1RC.png]

[Image: gsfbnn0.png]

it seems a lot of clouds tend to be fuzzier at the bottom (althought flatter too), I guess it makes sense since the droplets condensate and bind together as you go higher (colder), so they'd be more concentrated there.

[Image: 4CQOkpK.png]

[Image: PesoUsf.png]

[Image: 8mqNqD7.png]

I like this rhythm, gonna try to keep it

[Image: s1AERMW.png]

[Image: 04x3F1Z.png]

[Image: GkchToG.png]

cool note on opposition from a peleng stream

[Image: UOBtcb9.png]

still on thissssss, lost a bit of that nice fast rhythm with the grass on the left, gonna try to bring it back

[Image: mdefvPj.png]

still on it

[Image: SqAZvLd.png]

aaand more shape clusters

[Image: 2XN0l7G.jpg]

focusing less and less on composition being about guiding the eye, and more and more on composition and arrangement exsisting to help you experience the whole image at once, to make you confident of everything that is there, knowing that that little blurry mark in the background is a chair even without looking at it. Getting the whole impression at a glance; I'm shit at it rn, but improving.

[Image: tTpvkrb.jpg]

[Image: M1jXqeZ.jpg]

Morning, not done with the illustration, also will probably grab old illustrations and rework them to see what I've learned and how far I can push them. Also happy that I'm at a point where I can comfortably reference more complicated anatomy from paintings without being confused by the artists' depiction, having a lot of fun looking at steve huston's stuff being able to tell what's stylized and how.

[Image: T4Le5eu.jpg]

human clusters, it's beautiful how many shapes and rhythms you can get from the shadows alone if you play around. I like how graphic some of these dark shapes look, almost like they are floating in between you and the figure like matisse's reds, could probably turn it into a cool style.

[Image: CoAfdiy.jpg]

[Image: NnvlHfl.jpg]

[Image: NH6spu1.jpg]

[Image: HPDtXhE.jpg]

[Image: f3aWVLL.png]

[Image: IFRCLSF.png]

[Image: 5kg9jT2.png]

playing with old characters, will start playing with old illustrations too, no reason not to, and I'll get to push my compositions

[Image: YBzBiHL.png]

[Image: 9NmewuK.png]


[Image: xA2L7nF.png]


[Image: SIvpBib.png]

[Image: OxQJM2U.png]

[Image: sOVmAwY.png]

[Image: ddGcl0u.png]

[Image: jw5Z3BK.png]

time to practice hands I guess

[Image: YBaTUSO.png]

making it all more straight liney, hard, but pushing

[Image: LmW3uGy.png]

[Image: irSqJu7.jpg]

[Image: CABkx8Y.jpg]

striking difference

[Image: YNKyyDO.png]

interesting, back in the day lots of buildings couldn't be too thick, or whoever lived in the middle wouldn't get any sunlight, so you get this court or some division in the middle, not making blocks too thick is hugely important for having natural light, at least with opaque roofs

[Image: ChNU8wo.png]


[Image: gdxRR0G.jpg]

[Image: jnFD7Yv.jpg]

[Image: QmvI1i7.jpg]

traditional buildings have thick heavy walls, modern ones thin, reinforced by steel

[Image: sILbh5Y.jpg]

[Image: 0pmesS2.jpg]

note for myself, copy the shit out of edouard vouillard, god that lighting, god that value mashing, jesus

wu guanzong as well

if you ever wondered how 3d movies are a thing, and why warm colors feel closer than blue ones

[Image: 8vC4gfO.png]

basically the elements of perspective

didn't know this is why they did it

[Image: 3l2wgDx.png]


[Image: phfqbfS.png]

AHAAAAAAAA, so that's why it's not a fine slit, because of refraction

[Image: KVfiBzO.png]

k so it affects color as well, gotta figure out how much and how

[Image: MODYl6S.png]

[Image: oxBb6JJ.png]

[Image: 2IKVaxd.png]

[Image: 1RodMmE.png]

not my comment

[Image: ajJBhML.png]

[Image: EiRDvs1.png]

[Image: QJ9hhiu.png]

[Image: iQAZcfK.jpg]

[Image: amrNHCq.png]

lotta weird shit going on in shadows that I still don't understand, sometimes I really feel a darker outline around a cast shadow, is that diffraction, is my eye tricking me just because of contrast? is it the bouncelight from the hand?

[Image: 3Y9EkQs.png]

[Image: 30jl98f.jpg]

[Image: hUw8c1P.jpg]

matisse's white buffers

[Image: 8A7NfyD.jpg]

[Image: rJOVSO7.jpg]

[Image: MOzUKbs.jpg]

[Image: 6iYvjDP.jpg]

[Image: jPBQnwD.jpg]

[Image: Im6nk22.jpg]

[Image: 9Wy0fRB.jpg]

[Image: 1g01EHs.jpg]

still on it

[Image: K0INvos.png]

why rivers can have different colors

working on the pirate boyyyy, gotta find those colors, gotta pull those forms out

[Image: 78rTjn0.png]

[Image: mFJo2ra.png]

tons of good resources here

[Image: znRgqJA.jpg]

[Image: HCZz7dQ.jpg]

will have to check if this is all true, I remember last time I googled why cuttefish had 'W' pupils I found nothing

[Image: Fr48cJu.png]

[Image: kdFfpFn.jpg]

[Image: ImxK1Be.jpg]

[Image: u7cRWHX.jpg]

[Image: mrO7c73.jpg]

explaining some bullshit about reflected light

[Image: yHeIST0.jpg]

[Image: VhpXEzQ.jpg]

noticed that when you frown you can see the little bump of the peak of the oseal brow, you can sneak a nice graphic shadow in there for extra form and expression, dope

[Image: ujjlfXE.jpg]

[Image: tXmKj3F.jpg]

read about this the other day, idk if I posted here, if you youch your eyelid and move your eye it jitters, what I didn't know was that the iris wobbles a bit, that's gonna be dope for slow mo animation

[Image: 0JqCmTw.jpg]

trash, but making sense of things, it's nice that I can think on paper nowadays

[Image: vUIGCSQ.jpg]

[Image: u8jNl5z.jpg]

that underchin part is super useful for showing character

[Image: FXNeduD.jpg]

[Image: 2AaescV.jpg]

ooooooohhhh I can sketch environments now, this is gonna be fun

[Image: UY5IXJe.jpg]

[Image: qw2NSbP.jpg]

[Image: VFHEcds.png]

more contrast

[Image: oJ8Z6LF.png]

[Image: Gh9Rf2k.png]

was playing around with this frame from dr caligari and realised this type of make up, with the dark lower eyelids and nose, does kinda simulate lighting from below, although in the original frame's case they used waxy paint so the highlight on the lower eyelids kills that specific feel

[Image: cYodwPV.png] dope channel

More comps form imagination and film, back to studying suprematists, german expressionists, bacher, storaro, delbonnel and blackfrog; oh and gordon willis

[Image: aeR6tV3.jpg]

[Image: 01OwYE0.jpg]

just leaving this image by Assel here, I wanna remember that quad tendon form

[Image: 1KcxPx6.png]

her whole artstation page and likes are so good for reference too

need to watch crouching tiger hidden dragon

dope channeeeeel

[Image: WhTI7sX.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20200116_005550548.jpg]

[Image: bmIjGv0.jpg]

[Image: pbK3Kuy.jpg]

[Image: ancYTvr.jpg]

[Image: ErgQ67r.jpg]


watching a bunch of scott eaton

[Image: ZzXhgqZ.png]

minute 21

leading lines aren't what you are usually told they are, you just flick past the lines and get caught, they don't "guide" you through the painting.

[Image: zg5l7VQ.png]

[Image: bdTaVoS.png]

I finally got a good general gestural vibe for the body, so now it's time to get tighter, time for characters after characters after characters, gotta get that gesture, that clothing, those colors

[Image: w1b8OrI.png]

[Image: 5x9FBOs.png]

[Image: SG6apzz.png]

excited to have to start getting good at color because this is fucking trash

[Image: 6luQ7t9.png]

bit better, still trash

[Image: nqSKNKj.png]

[Image: JYVVXV2.png]

[Image: x2wgyLL.jpg]

[Image: EkJYoNS.jpg]

to find the other ear just draw parallel lines from the cheeks then match the triangle

[Image: IMG_20200118_065322232.jpg]

do fanart of sculptures you like, you get the planes for free

[Image: 6JyAkV9.jpg]

looks disgusting, but learning to render, make bouncelights warmer and warmer (as long as the albedo rbg values are right), past terminator you'll get really warm skin for a bit (scattered light from the direct source), but halftones will also get warmer, in hearthstone type illustration they LOOOVE 1 direct light, 1 fill light, and then one focal light with super strong falloff.

[Image: zuBnm7H.png]

sharpening up those planes

[Image: LneCbas.png]

[Image: 93iv2Cd.png]

[Image: 9IZ14Xo.png]

going to sleep

[Image: ymfAOa8.png]

[Image: KxJYVit.png]

[Image: mXzuffS.png]

devin korwin is posting theory tips on instagram

if you wanna learn hair

gotta try to do something like this

Interesting film composition studies Gliger, you aiming to make a film?

I'm looking into film compositions as well but to see how they translate to comicbook panels.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

not right now, just practicing stuff :)

trying to get used to more complex shading in pencil (direct + ao + diffuse area with strong falloff), might move to mechanical pencil

[Image: CvFkKBV.jpg]

[Image: kz5zBpA.jpg]

[Image: HzDVZRa.jpg]

[Image: coCxj6f.jpg]

[Image: vcu6ZH2.jpg]

[Image: 8eG0FVp.jpg]

[Image: 26fmICm.jpg]

more application, figuring stuff out

[Image: e11VXxL.png]

[Image: MrqPS7T.png]

[Image: WVpwgxe.jpg]

this is the greatest thing I've ever watched

lots of dope stuff

from scott eaton, "when the arm is lifted 90º, the scapula should be tilted at 30º"

[Image: bSoF6bl.png]

Great view of the frontal insertion of the traps and also the twisting of the cervical chunk , almost feels like the sternocleidomastoid

[Image: DeJNJMC.png]

morning, will come back to this horsedog tomorrow, my eyes can't see shit

[Image: mcn3ldD.png]

sike, here's more, working that soft edge hard edge thing for turning forms.

[Image: 1sEhMTG.png]

[Image: hQZeov7.png]

[Image: gtxG583.jpg]

nice scapula shadows on the bottom right, lots of good stuff in this image

[Image: a58tYTh.png]

gotta learn to do scapulas like that

[Image: KBuOcyt.jpg]

[Image: RJaAbTY.jpg]

fuuucking great interview

[Image: goMoD2K.jpg]
[Image: rh4nbtJ.jpg]
[Image: kXkViOT.jpg]

[Image: grcmVyV.png]

dope suspension


Really interesting approach to studying! It seems like you go extremely indepth in taking notes and observing! A very good way to learn indeed, and one I really like myself.

Dont have much to say other then I like what I see and hope you keep going!

thanks m8

adding more and more lighting to my sketches, getting used to thinking about it more and more

[Image: ruBG0VU.jpg]

cool elbow

[Image: j5mk410.png]

[Image: USSDP2h.jpg]

[Image: LAaSqBj.jpg]

dope tip from marco nelor, cutout filter, gives you hints of the planar information, plus some (good enough) color reference.

At least if you pick a graphic enough reference image.

[Image: w5cOVjr.png]

[Image: UfgWTzm.jpg]
[Image: QdugIV2.jpg]

[Image: CCFPU6c.jpg]

dope design reference for age lmao, those fatty pockets fall as you age

preparing another film shot, figuring out the bits will do it tomorrow

[Image: PukDvjX.jpg]

terrible painting but I wanted to check on some principles, every form has a gradient, every form has a hard edge and a soft edge, the simplest gradient, if you give it a hard edge, will show form (you can have more than 1 hard edge, just show contrast between edges on the turning form). Also edge quality is relative.

[Image: G7nBNtq.png]

value, saturation, temperature, all these things show form and space

[Image: rOpiba7.png]

finding the value comp, gotta remember to think really hard about the bony parts of the body vs the fleshy ones, huge changes in sss

[Image: xUQ08oO.png]

I need to make those light shapes more graphic and defined

[Image: 7iUbWqv.png]


[Image: 6aNn0bf.png]

[Image: 9YSUkvJ.jpg]

[Image: j1u2jbD.jpg]

[Image: oY78YAX.jpg]

from the renderman guide book

[Image: tgFEVuI.png]

this is the greatest channel in the planet

leighton was so goooood at form

back to working on the boyo, gotta make that nose pop out, soft hard soft hard soft hard

[Image: HbSTwug.png]

breaking a lot of stuff, losing my planes and other bad things, but no matter, learning a bunch, learning about fresnel in eyes etc. gotta remember to keep my lights and shadows in 2 separate value ranges, gotta connect the forms more too

[Image: q76tjyK.png]

[Image: rkV9lNm.jpg]

wtf yujiro's jaw muscles are real

[Image: fVaTAKY.png], idk if the bottom one is the masseter part covered by the platysma

morning fellers

[Image: Zl4gey4.jpg]

[Image: ypnA1gc.jpg]

simplifying the top of the back is still hard

[Image: U7RS5VY.jpg]

[Image: v3HBR1S.jpg]

still figuring out that shoulder and upper back

[Image: yPGfNbr.jpg]

cheek bone spikes, idk how much is bone and how much fat pocket, the movie is Contagion, watch it

[Image: kncoOvq.png]

[Image: kmsRnZk.png]

[Image: RtzWqlY.png]

[Image: b7BVNkv.jpg]

[Image: 00IQweK.jpg]

[Image: CKKonIb.jpg%5D]


[Image: fjaQGpy.jpg]


[Image: dcjRUYU.png]

ridiculous, video in tweet

[Image: Aov0jbU.png]

aaaaaahh so that's why

'bout to do a leighton study, watch me fucking die

[Image: z9OQO8r.png]

continuing tomorrow, gotta sleeeep

[Image: uUTKMUe.png]

[Image: 3ikGchk.png]

I finally understand scapulas and how they move, also know how to better imply form with the lower back

[Image: vEP8zxV.jpg]

small note, when you turn away your head, the sternocleidomastoid hides behind the neck, also the trachea and whatever does move a little bit.

[Image: J0bO6Qw.png]

backs are making more sense

[Image: r4D3Qrz.jpg]

[Image: 6DjRwt3.jpg]

gotta exaggerate that erector spinnae more, you can get a pretty good shadow there

[Image: IBlU2Fc.png]

[Image: 2axwek1.jpg]

[Image: kmSbGhv.jpg]

[Image: GHC2FIJ.png]

big trash but I realised some stuff about composition, contrast gives direction, contrast frames, play by starting with 1 shape, then repeating it and changing it, adding gradients at an offset, offsetting them, adding textures, erasing them at an offset, etc. etc. easiest way to learn balance is to start with one shape, then moving it around to see how it changes the character of the image, change value, temperature, texture, angle, shape, edges etc. gradients aren't just gradients, they are shapes.

[Image: 0pFbsg1.jpg]

don't make 2 things the same, repetition frames, offset gives direction.

[Image: iCVqyMz.jpg]

every shape has a gradient(variation), texture variation, edge variation, every gradient has a gradient, every value has value variation, that variation frames, it pulls you to one side or the other.

[Image: QvqEWBA.png]

[Image: h1mu21r.jpg]

great reference for fluid fx

anatomy of atomic bomb explosions

[Image: 91gZhi0.png]

didn-t know this, made sense

[Image: rWzaU4L.png]

sketching the inside of car fenders, wanted to test the diffuse indirect ratio, just leaving it here to show that the top part does get more diffind than the sides, even if the sides are closer to the ground

[Image: ZBMrD32.png]

even when the sun is an an angle

[Image: rcw7Vjk.png]

[Image: plOdyKE.jpg]

[Image: hwEIsCq.jpg]

the thinner part of a triangle feels darker to me

[Image: XAFiwNb.png]

I still feel it in the red one but not in the grey one now

[Image: 21KVYrQ.png]

fucking christ

[Image: 0OSah8z.jpg]

[Image: PDc1MVO.jpg]

[Image: Vph4T4E.png]

[Image: m3LhcTR.png]

[Image: 2tbcOSR.png]

[Image: 8J9g1ip.png]

[Image: loPZpDR.png]

when drawing speedforms and abstract stuff, close one eye to feel the forms better, stereoscopic vision kills the illusion a bit

lots of good stuff

these lists are amazing

look at how the light side hits the shadow from the other side

[Image: e2cIIF5.png]

[Image: J1kz9Lo.png]

[Image: Dz0OkEx.png]

[Image: cJywqwA.png]

[Image: 4EOW5c0.png]

[Image: JCcF9av.png]

[Image: WIcxfFZ.png]

[Image: EUtIozs.png]

[Image: OMCEXbw.png]

[Image: tZYy5s2.png]

[Image: O7pO2O8.png]

Morning peeps

[Image: MykpAA0.jpg]

[Image: 1jXZBUL.png]

[Image: BWRTOJg.png]


[Image: 1bXHTy2.png]

learning nodes, I literally just want them to make procedural noise, and then use it for displacement maps or just as patterns, all I need is manageable complex patterns for concepting and illustration.

[Image: 9QPA5Wg.png]

[Image: R3pOuek.png]

hmm feels like marble

[Image: bMMyYL5.png]

[Image: vRcGr55.png]

[Image: LjJcR2N.jpg]

so fucking good

the best channel

mask fac, plugging into alpha of bsdf is good but not as versatile

[Image: p62W2F5.png]

okeyyyy I know how to map things now, that sine math node + > is for flipping the factor values for the noise mask

[Image: v2pXJbw.png]

[Image: 6rqvQwg.png]

[Image: 1kg8HrY.png]

[Image: 0i3motH.png]

[Image: At2Ipni.png]

[Image: eIoumaV.png]

use subdiv simple for smoothing transitions, it's better than Catmull

[Image: M2h5jA9.png]

[Image: 9vrwVcj.png]

working on ittttt

[Image: IGlenXs.png]

[Image: SMPqHlM.png]

it's electric don't knock me for the position of the drivers wheel lmao

[Image: wdNLb5E.png]

you can find echoing in many unexpected places, that side pannel echoes the inner rear quarter panel

[Image: h2Bu5mq.png]

[Image: U5w4sjM.png]

[Image: iEu3N12.png]

[Image: NJHsDYY.png]

gotta make things tighter, better. might change brushes and make lines thicker

[Image: a5ZqwdY.png]

lotta wonky shapes, gotta clean up, then I gotta repeat to develop my intuition.

[Image: MDfDDvf.png]

[Image: YFsirDo.png]

still working on the car, tryna figure out the colors

[Image: 333elRX.jpg]

[Image: OMNjrRJ.jpg]

finding colors

[Image: 9bWNqRn.png]

I need to remember to only/mostly study the poses I'm gonna use, the lighting I'm gonna use, the compositions I'm going to use, gotta limit myself more if I wanna get things done

Deep stuff dude.

Is that the nodes feature in Blender? Looks really complicated - I never really got my head around that.

You've come up with some fascinating patterns though.

Good luck and keep going!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

hey yeah it's blender, it's not too complicated it's just a couple math nodes, just gotta know that blender considers black 0 and white 1, so if you multiply by less than 1 you'll always get darker, if you add anything within 0 and 1 it'll get lighter etc. it makes sense once you try it out for a bit, check out blender sushi's nodding live series on youtube

gotta get used to a 2 color system, makes practicing tight lines easier

[Image: pCuCX1v.jpg]

there's this cool overlap in your pants when you walk and your legs pull in 2 different directions
(back view btw)
[Image: HLNqKwR.png]

blend modes work the same as math nodes in blender, good knowledge, dissolve mode is great for adding texture by lowering opacity

good reference for how light affects clouds

[Image: thCVhVj.png]


[Image: uj2nCvk.png]

[Image: LxXAo0t.png]

tons of problems, will fix though, gotta make tighter shapes, fix values

[Image: pW5x3q4.png]

note for myself, don't design and render at the same time, every change complicates too many things

[Image: bMTv76T.png]

without any real changes in the rendering, just with better drawing, the results are much better. Gotta improve the painting anyways.

[Image: Atpl3Kk.png]

this is gonna be great for shoe sole design

shot matching

also CubeSurfer is nuts

need better shapes, figuring values out

[Image: W6w4Piq.png]

lots of shapes don't flow well, too even

[Image: Ul6eHjt.png]

[Image: pfpH0Te.png]

important note, idk how I've forgotten all this time, the specular and the diffused highlight are different colors, for white skin you might wanna make the diffuse slightly orange-yellow-ish, and the specular the color of the light, this also makes it easier to identify which is the spec and which one dif in your reference.

slowly painting over something from last year

[Image: 7hWSujw.png]


Basic modelling randomness, practicing the basics

[Image: 3dBhnKj.png]

finally got box cutter, it's too much

[Image: GgElD0N.png]


[Image: Oy8XwNf.png]

[Image: F0Udd6B.png]

[Image: Rq2cNHr.png]

cut + x + x

[Image: GZzwV5M.png]

drawing waves

[Image: EuG8wRR.jpg]

also I realised the point behind the rule of thirds, it's literally just about automatically creating volumes that are all different, that gives direction to the different parts of the image, doesn't work (as well) when the height and width of the image are the same, it has nothing to do with the center of the image being a bad place to put your focal point. it's all just about creating uneven shapes so they go somewhere, pull in some direction, echo in some way, instead of being self contained or even and repetitious. All of this is heightened by the different elements of each shape: gradient, texture, value, temperature etc.

[Image: flWJIhn.jpg]

skew everything, measure everything

[Image: DnSQSn4.png]

[Image: hLfvQHC.jpg]


[Image: pQXS4EL.png]

[Image: RCmeZTS.png]

[Image: CrZssoU.png]

lots of shape and clarity problems both water shapes are the same volume, also gotta remember to flip image upside down the rotate 45º, best way to feel the shapes.

also noticed the fucking swastika on the ground jesus

[Image: dTps5Dq.png]

[Image: Oip7KSa.png]


[Image: kZExgVM.png]

[Image: dTmhcl0.png]

[Image: HGZ1seu.png]

[Image: jo0OuFh.png]

[Image: f9AuCFR.png]

[Image: vy6VW4K.png]


[Image: Z0MhisA.png]

I really wanna get a big graphic scroll on that bird but I can't find a good place for it

[Image: fZ0m8qh.png]

something like this idk

[Image: SfVFJpq.png]

[Image: 9ZkuDht.png]

the effect of scan lines on art is insane


[Image: fGvhXov.png]

Love the random 3D models dude. I always found it a challenge to put neatly cut seams in like you have there.

Keep posting!

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CD Sketchbook

I think this sketchbook is a perfect example of "learning" while you study; Character designs are fucking lit, i love the passion it fires me up!!!

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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