Gliger's Sketchbook
Alright, so... I'm Gliger, I joined the forum around 10 months ago but haven't visited it since, the thing is, I wanted to spend my first year just relaxed, by that I mean just studying/creating without worrying about uploading every one of my works to an online sketchbook, I didn't feel like I needed critiques, and I had all the motivation I needed.

Now I feel like I need to work more hours/day, so contests and help from other people could help me a lot, I could still keep going alone because I've learned what to study, but It'll be more fun to improve with others, and also my works will become more interesting if I find new motivations :d

I'm gonna be a character/creature designer btw

[Image: 5_YNC5os.jpg]

[Image: 0_Zxwksi.jpg]

[Image: m_GIAdj4.jpg]

[Image: tanooki_suit_colored_by_gliger_d6ruywt.png]

The images lose a bit of detail, I specially noticed that in the last one.
welcome to crmson daggers ( even if you registered 10 months ago ^^ ) No doubt anyone could learn to draw and paint by themselves, but it's twice harder ( and a lot more rewarding for yourself and for being successful i think ! ) You must think a lot harder while painting. You cannot expect to create a convincing volume by putting a main grey and then add some dark and light values here and there with a soft brush ! You truely must understand the structure of your subject, understand where the light is coming from, how the form is turning away from the light source, is it turning brutally, smoothly ? it'll define the edges, but edges is a lot more, it's part of the composition, without nice edges you can ruin a good drawing and good values ! If you feel your values right but it lacks of solidity, check out your edges ! But the main important thing is to 1.OBSERVE 2.THINK 3.PAINT! Keep it up !! i'm looking forward to see more.

Today I planned on waking up at 5 AM, which is kinda early, and when I woke up I found out the time change had happened, so I actually woke up at 4 AM, awesome! I won't be uploading my traditional work btw.

[Image: fabric_studies.png]

[Image: furr_study.png]

[Image: koala_skull_study.png]

[Image: koala_skeleton_study.png]

[Image: koala_study.png]
Very Cool, Gliger.

Are you using "OpenCanvas" for painting?

I use photoshop ;)

Dog study time!
[Image: dog_studiess.png]

I'm going to the Prado museum for the rest of the morning, they've put something new about Rubens and Las Meninas, still not sure about what, I guess some sketches and copies or something like that, gonna grab my sketchbook and study hard.

I think from now on I will just do one big update at night, or 1 before I go to highschool and another before I go to sleep.
Alright, 2 and a half hours of studies before highschool, this is cool I'm gonna keep this rythm. btw the Prado Museum is amazing, it had been a while since I last visited it, but man... Just couldn't keep my eyes off of Velazquez' work, even did a couple of studies in my sketchbook.

[Image: sharkssss.png]
1 hour yesterday at night and 1 hour today, I still got 1 more hour till school so I'm gonna do some studies or something. The reason why I don't upload more pics is because I don't have the tablet 24/7, so when I don't have it I just do traditional, mostly anatomy studies and some real life drawings, nothing special.

[Image: crabman_copy.png]

LOL the helmet...I really need to get a creature design course.
[Image: hi_po_studies.png]

I also did a couple hours of anatomy studies in the morning traditionally.
Ugh... it feels like I've still not done enough wth...
Hey there, Gliger.
You've got a good start on your SB so far, keep it up!
I actually started waking up at 5 am myself a couple of days ago.
I've found it pretty motivating to get some art stuff done before my classes.

Great sketchbook Gliger, and great that you've started studying art so early!

Keep it up-!

P.s. wish you would share them sketchbook pages ;)

[b]Raedrop[/b]: Thanks! I'll just keep doing more and more work from now on. How early is 5AM where you live? It helps me a lot because 1:I feel more motivated 2:There's nothing to distract me, no noise, no one texts me or whatever, it's cool. And also it feels better than staying up late, you add hours of work from the beginning, and if you want to add more at night, you can, you don't need to stay up all night because you already worked in the morning

Smrrfette: thanks ;), yeah, I feel much much more motivated early in the morning :D.

[Image: weapon_design_studies.png]

Some fantasy weapon studies just to let the kind inside me draw cool stuff. And also to learn design... mostly to learn design actually.

I'll work on the imagination stuff through this morning at class, I'll do some weapons from imagination, maybe some creature sketches, and as always, draw my left hand and my pencil sharpener in different positions many many times :D
Hey Gliger! Looks like you're off to a good start sketchbook-wise. I know it takes some courage to start posting your work for everyone to see, so I'm glad you took the leap to share with us. Hope to see some fully fleshed out concepts in the days to come!

thanks :D

I fucking love Jimmy Carr
[Image: christian_bale_face_study.png]
[Image: louis_CK.png]

Bfff Sargent is too amazing, I did 2 more studies of that piece but they look like shit (not that this one doesn't), but you know, that's good, I like it when I can tell my work is shitty, the thing is... for 2 days I felt like I wasn't bad, I didn't think I was good, or decent even, just... not bad, and Sargent slapped me in the face with his awesomeness, gotta work harder.
[Image: character_design_whatever.png]
[Image: nose_studies.png]

The movie poster sketch was sooo fun, it's the most fun I've had with a drawing in months.
If someone finds is disrespectful, I'll take it out.

After the catastrophic portrait from imagination that I did yesterday, I listed the things that I need to improve (besides painting), these are some:

[Image: studiesssss.png]
[Image: ganadlf_portrait.png]

I'm going to post it it the critiques subforum, i need help with this.

¿How can I practice portraits?
How do I finish a portrait using "texture" brushes. This is my first time trying to play with the edges, and it was fun, but I see some really cool finished stuff in which people use texture brushes and I want to learn which brushes to use, how to use them etc. so a paintover could really help.

I know I know, people ask too often about brushes, but it's my first time doing so, and I think I'm on a level in which I could improve my work by learning to use them correctly.

I could take this portrait further with what I know anyway so maybe I'm exaggerating.
So... I started working out and eating healthy a week days ago and I feel much better, just wanted to say that, it's not like I'm proud, it's only been a week after all, but I'm feeling the results, more energy, more motivation, more awesomeness.

[Image: character_concepts.png]

Just sketches, I'm doing a full page of anatomy studies from imagination, idk when it'll be finished.
I've had a bad week, back to work, some tips for learning values?
[Image: as_a_hdah.png]
Here is the best tip : vizualize une volume and light source, understand how they interact, and this is it, you'll understand values in no time ! Of course, having some basic knowledge can help you ! in case !


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