Does anyone own... a skelebob?
I recently read Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters by Robert Beverly Hale, great book and everyone should read it if they can, he mentions in the book that everyone should own some bones, and draw them separately and then be able to draw them as a whole skeleton.

I'm looking at buying a skeleton model but wanted to see if anyone else owns one and what they could recommend, I'm looking at this:

It's a bit expensive, but it'll last a life time, I was going to get dis-articulated but the pelvic bone is split into two and all the ribs are separated also which would be a nightmare.

Thanks to anyone who responds :)
Hey, pug! Dunno if you considered this already but maybe it'll save you 200£? When he says everyone should own some bones, isn't he speaking from the perspective of pre-internet? I'd imagine it was a lot more difficult to know just what the shapes of the bones were, when you couldn't google them and get pictures or charts of them in 2 seconds. That said, I do have a skull replica and am quite fond of it. I'd recommend getting a skull, dunno about an entire skeleman though. A hand might be cool as well~ Tongue

Haha yes he is but it wouldn't compare! You can't pick the internet bones up and see them with your own eyes, plus drawing from life is a lot better, I just got my refund for my companion back so I can splash out on this and a few more books :)

Just a note, thanks for the nice reply, I made this post on and got a load of opinions on how drawing from a skeleton isn't useful.

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