Basil's Sketchbook
Hey all, this is my very first post in this forum. Been lurking a long time and while I've been a graphic designer for a while, I've lately been more committed to improving my illustration techniques.

I'll start off by posting some landscape studies. I watched a series of videos by Shaddy Safadi on youtube, and through them found an appreciation for landscapes that I never had before. I hope to keep doing these studies for a long while and improving with each one, and would really like to hear crits on them. Be harsh, be mean, be real, I can take it.

Besides landscapes I'll be posting other miscellaneous works on the road to improvement, and I look forward to engaging with the community as well.


[Image: speedPaint_01.jpg]

[Image: speedPaint_02.jpg]

[Image: speedPaint_03.jpg]

[Image: speedPaint_04.jpg]

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