Matt's coloring book
Hey! What's up daggers?

I'm Matt. I love to lurk in the shadows of the internet and watch my prey slowly from a distance after that i'll decide to reveal myself.
So yeah, my goal is to upgrade my skills to the next level and i want to do it with you guys. :)

So here I have a bunch of failures...

wow! amazing work!
I like so much your concepts, congratulations!
and thanks for share.
Great shape variation and value control! I most definitely want to see more color work. Keep 'em coming!
The dude destroying all those tanks is so cool looking.
I don't see how these are failures. You have really nice line quality even for sketches, good balance and rhythm, and very cool designs. Colors could need some more work though, but it's hard to judge from just one picture.

Looking forward to seeing more. :)

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rainerpetter: Thank you!

CoreyKLamb: Thank you and here you go, more colored stuff :)

JTAArt: Thanks! Yeah, that concept was for the dominance war. I failed participating in it :(

Fingus: Thanks!

Right now i'm working on my portfolio, and hopefully i can land my first art related job ever as an artist/freelancer.
Some studies and unfinished concepts.

Ahhhh I am in love! You have some great concepts and I'm really digging that warthog study.
Totally a fan! that fire/lava golem is super ill ;D

Wow some really imaginative stuff here! That tree monster and lava monster are great - Keep it up!

these are sweet man, good job making those characters feel grounded

Well holy shit! Unbelievable pieces in here! I'm really impressed!

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