Looking for concept art group
I'm an Industrial Designer trying to get better at concept art and art in general

I'm looking for people to share experiences, learn and improve our art skills. I'd prefer if everyone was at a close level to each other (intermediate to advanced) and I won't take age into account.

It would be really great if this could be a long term thing as I'm really interested in building the kind of trust circle relationship where we can really value each others critiques.

I take critiques very seriously and I want to be critiqued ruthlessly , so no egos allowed at all.

I'd prefer people that are already in the industry or take the goal to be very seriously.

My timezone is GMT+1 and I'm in Portugal. We'll figure out what works better for us but either skype or a google hangout or whatever.

Come on Y'all! Let's get better together!


hello, I am in a similiat mindset so I think it would be cool to learn together . I am not working professionally but have a serious intention to do so... ;-) I live in Poland so there is like a 1 h difference If I am correct...

anyway, count me in :D
Hey marou!

Great! I was beginning to think I wouldn't get any responses here.

Do you have a deviantart site or something of the sort so I can have an idea of what kind of stuff you do?


Hey guys, shot you both emails. Hope you are both still up for this cos I am in

Hi all, i am really interested in joining a concept group, i hope its still happening?

I will send you all emails as well!

I would be up for this too . anyone interested add me on skype

live: ratinhobbd

Just finished 6 years of art school, so ruthless critique's the only way to go for me hahah.
I'll contact ya'll to see if this is still a thing.

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