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Hi everybody!

While my livestream channel's link is in the master list since I started with it I didn't create any thread related to it.

I've been doing it daily at 9AM CET (the day I can't stream by that time I do it later) and I'm going to continue with it at the same time for now.

Here's the link:

You can follow me on twitter or facebook to know the updates about the livestream sessions :)

Here are the studies from this week. There are only 5 because 2 of them took me 2 days, the city and the bike (this one specially complex for the line drawing and trying to get the right shapes and perspective)

[Image: week3studies.jpg]

Hi Daggers! It's nice to see some of you sometimes on my livestream sessions. I'm really happy when you eventually appear :D

Here is the result of the 4th week doing studies

[Image: week4studies.jpg]

Yes, only 5 studies since two of them took me two days.

As yoou can see I try to relate the studies to the bloodsports challenges, but I never can finish anything in time :( Anyway, those challenges keep me doing studies, learning and thinking on new things, so, not bad at all :)

Hi Daggers!

First to all let me post the studies from the last week

[Image: week5studies.jpg]

As you can see, again, there are only 4 because some of them took me more than a day. Is goot spending the required time for a good study but I liked ending the week with 7 studies done. I'll work harder on that!

I wanted to say that recently I've been streaming more than ever with 9 hours on last Saturday, 14 on Sunday and 9 again last night. Reasons? A complex bike study, a marathon of 14 hours painting for Japan (you know, it's been a year since the disaster) and 9 hours refining an environment.

Thanks a lot to all who come to my livestreams and keep me talking, for me it's more fun and easier to paint for that long.

Here you can see what painted in the 14 hours for Japan

[Image: paintingforjapanweb.jpg]

The videos of the 14 hours marathon are not available because I had some issues with my internet connection and livestream, I'm working on a shorter video that I'll upload to youtube :)

Here are the studies from the last week. Again could do 7 different studies, I managed them better this time.

Studies on livestream Week #6
(sorry for the link, but this time I uploaded them with higher resolution and the page overflows if I embed the image :S)

I also did a couple of marathons refining two environments. One of 9 hours and another of.........22 hours with 2 breaks of one hour for lunch and dinner. Thanks to all the daggers who took a look at the stream :)

Here's the result of the livestreams/studies from last week. I keep doing it at 9AMCET and sometimes I change the time for some reason, but I always promote it on the CD group on FB, my own FB page and twitter.


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