Crimson Guardians
Wonderwoman bleh... 2 hours

[Image: wonderwoman-S7.jpg]
Here's the character we're doing for tomorrow (Friday). Now you'll know why I recommended you guys do your leather and metal studies in preparation XD Also try to add bone (especially animal skull) and latex to the list, if you feel so inclined.

I'm looking at the character list we put together (which people are free to add to) and it looks like metallic surfaces are kinda big this week XD So doing metal/armor studies are going to come in quite handy!

[Image: 2c0cw8.jpg]
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Crimson Guardians group work thread
We wanted to post these Friday night after the challenge, but the forums and the site were down. Here are some of the entries for Friday's challenge. The only one I wasn't able to save was TheShoeThief's, and mine needs to be color-corrected before I post it up (monitor is too yellowish apparently).

Here's what I've got for now:

Tim's entry

[Image: 2qtvllf.jpg]

Vertical's entry

[Image: 256uwas.jpg]

Victor's entry

[Image: 2rww0at.jpg]

Because the forums were down I didn't get a chance to post references for yesterday's challenge, either. If anyone who didn't get a chance wants to do it, here's the ref. He's in dire need of a redesign XD

[Image: 2c0cw8.jpg]
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Crimson Guardians group work thread
Cool stuff guys! Might join the next girl one, love drawin hot girls.
Lady Deathstrike 2 hours

[Image: 554340_374131329296615_100000992522075_1...n.jpghttp:]
Blue Beetle
[Image: Blue_beetle+copy.jpg]
2h - Sentinel

[Image: dmcinm.jpg]
I wanted to thank everyone for coming by the workshop we did with Tim (dstrax) today! :) I'll upload the video as soon as possible for those of you who want to watch it on-demand. We are shooting to get one of Tim's friends who currently works as a concept artist with Volta Studios to do another workshop/demo with us next week.

For those of you guys unfamiliar with Volta, they're a concept art studio in Quebec that has worked on a load of projects which - if you like videogames - chances are you're familiar with. Check it out

Also a bit of a public service announcement....... Happy Birthday, Victor! (the guy who posted the Sentinel quick painting above this post) :)

And I apologize for not posting up the past characters. We do have the list in advance and we're coming down to the last 3 characters in the first set. As always, you're free to suggest more characters for us to do and we'll add 'em to our growing list! :)

Here are the next three, starting with today's:

Today - Guardian

Saturday, 4/18 - Super Skrull

Sunday, 4/19 - Zealot (you couldn't believe what a pain it was trying to find a full body pic of her, so here's the google image search entry with practically every ref pic you'll need, ever lol)

If you can't draw them along with us when we stream, you can feel free to do them on your own time. Just remember, there are only 2 rules to this challenge:

1) 2-hour time limit. You can always go back and pretty it up later but we want to see what you can manage under time pressure. That's what makes it a challenge ;)

2) Don't simply draw the character; redesign the character. It can be as drastic or as minimal as you like, but however you want to do it, the challenge is also to keep it recognizable regardless of changes.

Happy Friday and stay awesome, Daggers! :)

[Image: 2c0cw8.jpg]
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Crimson Guardians group work thread
[Image: guardian_by_kamiru_desu-d4xvyj4.png]
1:30 hour, meh. (he is flying, you know)

Might be a little more sci-fi, less action hero...trying to go for the "tek suit" Too many time I found myself looking at a stormtrooper/N7 hybrid.

worked things out here:

[Image: scaled.php?server=403&]
Sweet! :) Great work Heliux!

[Image: 2c0cw8.jpg]
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Crimson Guardians group work thread
Got the basic gesture, face dialed, started value and light, but inaccurate.
Read on wikipedia he's from some sort of mutated-adjective-filled-dynastic-alien civilization for conquering Earth, so I decided to kinda go with the "dynasty" thing...which in my mind through loose association = China. The other direction that came to mind was some sort of space gigolo . When your powers, "...include a heightened physical malleability far beyond that which the Skrulls naturally possess; stamina and durability; flight, heat manipulation and energy projection"
...leaves little to the imagination. -_o

Don't feel like I pushed anything enough.; take away the head and you wouldn't know the character. Tomorrow will be better. -_-'

process here:

[Image: scaled.php?server=685&filename=34357401.jpg&res=landing]
This time limit is destroying me. I'm gonna try working without line work next time. I get so hung up on working edges for a preliminary. <Shows a lack of intuitive medium and skill with the figure.

[Image: scaled.php?server=846&filename=zealot.jpg&res=landing]
[Image: Qw5wH.png]

so much art!!!!!!!!!!!!

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