Awesome stuff up in here! really gets the momentum going :D

thanks for sharing!

  • 'smrr' - the initials of my full name
feel free to call me Risa  Sun

sketchbook | pg 52
I've come to realise how posting in my daggers sketchbook kept me accountable... I'm going to try to lean into that again and see how I go.
It's about time I train to get a stronger grip on the fundamentals

Thank you for the kind words guys!

A small update

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Very nice work, we wanna see more :)
keep it up dude

What is this wizardry? Omg man, just....woah. Strong in everything?? Who are you!?? Which outlandish planet where you born in? Are you the new superman!?? Hahaha

Seriously though, really strong stuff in here man, I'm completevly in love with your value control, like, seriously impressive. Enviros are sound, characters are sound, palettes are sound, everything looks pretty neat tbh.

Two quick crits, one objective, one subjective:

- The scribe dude is awesome, but his face feels a bit....dead? I don't know, I feel that the skintones there need some lovin', but might be me. Wait, this was gonna be the objective crit....Oh yeah! The arms. I understand you're going for a stylised kinda elongated type of deal but those arms are way too long imo, they come off as a bit wonky, still digging the painting a lot.

- The subjective (specially cause I'm kinda obsessed with this topic myself nowadays, take it with a grain of salt) would be the overall faces. The asaros you posted earlier look pretty neat, but there's a hazard to the asaro studies, and that is that the organic property has a hard time showing up when you've engrained those planes in your head, so maybe try to do some hybrid studies trying to combine real people references with your knowledge of the asaro mapping, maybe that would help to boost a bit more the overall feel, and give them that "ouhmf" required to get them to total awesomeness.

Overall, awesome sketchbook one of the best on these forums imo, so keep bringing us the visual goodies!

Hmkay, bye!

@Suira Its good to have you here man! And many thx for the crit! I agree, I fucked up that guys proportions and face colors, I want it to look like dead, but It came out like he is sick and suffers diahrea D: will definitely give a shot to your suggestion with faces when ill get enough from this fantasy/color/environments studies. Thx fro stoping by, friend!

Some more shit

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Damn, nice work!

@pindurski THX!

Some recent studies and sketch

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Two more costumes

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Dude, these costume studies are fucking awesome, where are you taking the refs from?

Sick stuff!
I really like the costume ones
Keep up the good work & thanks for sharing
Woah.. Woah.. What are you, man? These studies are unreal. I agree with Rafa, where the hell you getting that sick ref from?

Those environments are also amazing... Lost for words.. You are going great! Keep up the good work, nothing to say here...

And thanks for dropping by my sketchbook.. Now you are making me feel like I am doing it wrong!

@rafa zanchetin Thx man! That stuff I found on pinterest. Try it out really handy for reference stalking.

Thx for the kind feedback guys!

Oce piece update, took me forever to finish. Thats a fan art for my favorite game Demon's Souls.

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@iggytek thanks man!!

Some more studies

And environment sketches

Few more environments.

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Snall update

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Study Heads

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Ihor you have always been an inspiration. Your previous sketchbook was one of my main motivations for studying perspective and drawing through.I always enjoy going through your stuff.

Hey Caisne , i have been discovering more and more of your work and seriously ,your lines , your forms , your colors and your brush work are amazingly interesting . I look forward to keep enjoying your work while you keep growing as an artist , this is awesome. keep rocking man !

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