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(I'm more of a... "personality" kind of person.)

Hey-ho! I'm Vicianus, or Stephany. I'm 19 and a sophomore in a game art program in SoCal.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to lose my blobby and easily-winded nature, and have committed myself to exercising an hour every day for the next month, just to see what happens. I really would like to get fit, though! I like to experience as much as I can, and being in shape is something I haven't tried so "why not."

Height: 5'6"
Starting Weight: 139
Goal Weight: 120 or FIST-ABS

Exercise an hour every day for the month of March [27/31]
Exercise an hour every day for the month of April [0/30]
Do a push-up [x] - hit on 3/12!
Do 10 push-ups [ ]
Learn the Shim Sham [ ]
Learn to pop 'n lock [ ]


I know next to nothing about fitness.

I really like dancing, and I would love to learn to fight. I have a little background in casual salsa and swing, and I just enjoy dancing in general. It's on my bucket list to win a physical fight and learn to break dance. (And also to do the shim sham.)

I already eat pretty healthy, I'm a vegetarian and my favorite food is vegetables LMAO I eat leafy greens regularly.

I'm actually down 40 pounds since starting college...!
My family has really poor eating and exercise habits (junk and not at all) so since I left and started buying my own food, I've been getting healthier.

I have a pretty rocky past with health and wellness, like most probably, so... I'm looking forward to sharing support with everyone!

I would love any tips or suggestions on fun dances to learn! Blushing

Hey! It's a great goal! I wish you every success in this! Enjoyment in a chosen physical activity has to be the number one motivator otherwise it's so difficult to maintain! Good for you that you found one you really enjoy as well! I've been playing Just Dance on PS4 with my daughter and it's really fun. The routines are simple enough to learn but hard enough to master that you want to keep doing them. If you can get / have got a PS4 / Xbox one I'd definitely recommend that! It even has a calorie counter on there.

Good luck ^^

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I'm no expert on fitness myself but I've done enough of it in the past to be able to share some tips with you if you want. I've been neglecting it myself lately though thankfully I've made pretty big changes to diet so it kind of balanced out. I have been investing a lot of time lately into researching diet and have some tips there if you're interested in that as well, but a lot of it runs contrary to average diet advice

I'd say if you want to be able to do pushups effectively from scratch, and really this applies to anything else you want to do related to exercise, is to make sure your core and legs are good too. If your core and legs arent strong enough to maintain good posture while youre doing a pushup, you wont get as much benefit out of it because you wont be doing it properly and will likely struggle throughout the whole thing. So sit ups, different kinds of squats and the plank should definitely be high priorities in your routine. Also, although pushups are primarily to develop chest muscles, you need to have strong enough shoulders and arms to support your weight and to actually push. If you have access to free weights/dumbbells those are pretty much all you need to start developing. If not, look up some beginner exercises on fitness blender. They have lots of free routines on youtube, and I remember after not having exercised in a while their beginner routine was actually incredibly difficult if you push yourself like they say you should!

I can give more advice, or routines to follow if you want but for now I'll leave you with that. Like jyonny said though the important thing is to enjoy it. You might not enjoy doing the plain sit up type things, but there are lots of alternatives that are more energetic or more similar to dancing than just excersing on its own!

Edit: I've also done several different kinds of martial arts in the last year and a half, far from enough to get good at any of them but enough to know the basics so if you want to know about that too feel free to ask

Thank you so much!
I agree, I always make sure to find ways to enjoy everything I do, whether it's artistic studies or exercise. I can't do it unless I'm having fun. :P
Nice, that sounds like a lot of fun!! Unfortunately, I can't afford games or gaming systems, so that sort of thing is out for me. 8'D For now, I'm slowly trying to learn dances from instructional videos on Youtube, which is pretty nice! That's super awesome that you exercise with your kid, sounds like a great family activity!

@Patrick Gaumond
Thank for the tips!!
I'm really fortunate to have fairly strong legs and core, actually :O I'm always shocked at how easily I can do many reps of squats and sit ups, planks, etc. It's really my arms and shoulders that are so insanely weak, but I'm working on it! ONE DAY, ONE DAY SOON... A PUSH-UP WILL BE MINE.

I'll probably ask you for advice later on!! Right now I can't think of anything in particular, I've been skipping around on various things and sampling a bit of everything while I'm just trying to get my body more used to... doing... things.... so once I'm ready to buckle down more, I'll hit you up!

Thanks again for the tips!


One week down!
I successfully exercised an hour a day for a full seven days! This is a pretty big accomplishment for me. I've been having loads of fun doing it, too!

I've been doing mostly cardio, trying to learn dances from videos or just going crazy for the hour, the elliptical in the gym, and swimming. There was one day where my body needed a break, so I went for an hour long walk. Tried yoga and other bodyweight exercises. Yoga is frikkin hard! I'll hit that up again this week and try again.

I actually feel great, much more energetic already. I sleep better and actually wake up feeling ready to crawl out of bed instead of wanting to sleep all day. Since my first time on the elliptical this week I can already go harder and longer, and it doesn't even feel like a big deal whereas the first 30 minute set I tried was difficult for me. I guess I acclimate fast?

I haven't been eating enough, drinking a lot of green tea and eating really low-cal foods like single pieces of fruit and salads. My appetite has been down, but uhhh I'm way undercutting it so I'll try to work on that.

Every day I look in the mirror I actually feel less and less satisfied with how I look, I'm "theoretically" in better shape than I've been on technicalities but I'm really feeling like I want to lose my extra fat and tone my body more than ever before in my life. Earlier, I was just thinking something like "I'm going to exercise, because it's time... no reason not to!" which is great, but now I'm feeling really pumped to tone my body and get in shape. Extra fire!!
(I also wanna specify that my dissatisfaction isn't anything toxic or dark, I'm just used to being a highly intellectual type of person who lives in her head. I'm working out for a variety of reasons including feeling more of a connection to my own body, which is happening, and as I do I'm feeling more displeased with the state it's in.)

One week down! Three to go!
...For now.

Thats great you're sticking with it. I went through a workout obsession a couple years ago and lost 40 pounds. I was really into barefoot running and swimming but I fell out of that completely. I still go for walks regularly. Walking is a really underrated exercise I find. It keeps me from becoming a flabby blob at least. Its also a good thing to do when you're feeling frustrated with something you're working on. Clears the mind and gives you some of that vitamin D we artist so rarely get.

Physical, spiritual and mental health is all linked, need to find a balance and look after them all, sounds like you're doing just that! On a side note if you want to improve strength in arms, rock climbing is an awesome way (if there is an indoor climbing centre near you). Also since you said yoga - if you want the strength in arms you can do Ashtanga yoga sun salutations. They take like 10 - 30 minutes depending on reps / speed and are great warm up or exercise in their own right and have a plank / push up style movement that works the same muscles but isn't as aggressive as a full pushup.

I do these every single morning without fail, since I struggle to make time to do anything longer, at least I know I get some exercise everyday. This video shows it, there are two sequences, I do them three times each, I think this video shows them 5 times each:

It's easy to start with exercise, but so difficult to maintain it. If you find yourself slacking or missing days a few weeks from now consider developing something short and simple that you can do everyday. I heard that it takes 3 months of continued effort for something to become a habit. Aim for that 3 month mark and you will win ^^

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@Adam Lina
For sure!

Awesome, that's a great idea!
Yeah, for sure. Well, I really want to kill it for this month at least and then I was thinking I'd try to find more of a routine or stuff I can just "do." Actually, I've heard it's six weeks for a habit. :o Really, I think it's more of a subconscious mindset thing, I've fallen into habits immediately without doing any of it except changing my mind. Thanks for the tips!

Two weeks down! Halfway there!

There were definitely a couple days where I didn't want to work out this week, but I did it anyway. I ended up mostly just using either the treadmill or the elliptical and doing that sort of running exercise the whole week, plus some weight training at the end and some additional swimming if I ate some junk food. I actually went swing dancing yesterday, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted in that there wasn't enough dancing, I need to go to a club or something. :O I think getting into doing more dance again will help me get some more motivation to exercise, where right now I'm mostly doing it so I can say that I did.

Onward to week 3!

Update: I just worked out for like 2 1/2 hours straight because I was watching Disney Channel in the gym, and I got emotionally invested in the movie that came on towards the tail end of my work out.

Week three conquered!

21 days down. 10 to go!

There was a lot of drama junk in my friend group that happened in the last week, and exercising really helped me get my emotions out and stay level headed. I feel more emotionally stable than I ever have before in my life. I kept on just using my apartment gym, doing cardio and weightlifting -- I've gotten really addicted to watching Disney Channel in the gym in the dead of night while it's nice and cool with a breeze going. I raised my weights this week, so I was excited about that! I've been reading more on weightlifting and how to eat in order to build muscle, so that's something I'm looking forward to. Yeah!

Hey !
Great to see more people jumping into fitness , it does make u feel better , and like you and Jyonny were saying after a while doing it it stops being something u have to talk yourself into and it starts being something u enjoy doing , something that helps you relax.
I don't know if u ever done it or thought of it before but you might enjoy doing squats , its a fun exercise that motivates you to reach new personal records and fuels your general gym/workout motivation ,this will also give your legs massive strength which will help u on the fighting goal since a lot of the power of a punch comes from your legs, ( i don't want to sound disrespectful in any way but squats also give you that perfect butt ).
In case you do decide to start doing them i advise you to do some research on it first because bad form can lead to injuries and you will not benefit as much from the exercise.
Have fun and keep at it :)
@BlueBear - Haha yeah! I used to work a cleaning job, and the whole job was basically squatting up and down all day to clean vertical surfaces. I do squat already, actually! Not like, as a main thing but frequently. c: thanks for the tip!


It's the end of March!
I had a somewhat difficult time keeping up with exercising every day in the last week, I've been faltering. WHOOP. I missed four total days this month. I'm not too bummed about it, I worked really hard and nailed most of it, and my body is in good enough shape that exercising is now a non-issue at every turn even if I missed a day. Even days that I did miss weren't for particularly bad reasons. I missed a couple days in a row here (It was Spring break and now school started up again -- I have trouble working as hard during breaks.) and now I'm feeling really sluggish and out of energy, so I want to get right back to it. For the month of April, I'm going to shoot for the same thing of an hour of exercise every day, I like this method for me because it gives me a lot of freedom to either do something familiar or whatever happens to come up.


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