WIPS! - Bloodsports 7 - Windwaker Reworked!
Post your bloodsport 7 WIPS in here!

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Hey all,
So this challenge is as much about style as anything else, so I've done a whole bunch of sketches trying to get my unique feel.

Normally I just run full speed into my final comp, and I've noticed that I'm not saying anything specific with my style. Hence the work is dull.

So that's what these are about. Trying to find not just a different costume for Link and the other characters, but a different way to draw them. I have a dozen other sketches of full body costumes that I will try to upload latter.

[Image: 1fz0uu.jpg]

[Image: 9awght.jpg]

[Image: sw4xuc.jpg]

study of Link costume to kick this off
[Image: 2-27a.jpg]

I've done several different thumbnails before arriving at the arrangement I feel best captures the primary ideas I wanted to portray (as well as the required elements). I'll post the current comp once I've pushed it to color.

I still have to sit down and actually design the characters. I won't be deviating much from the major hallmarks of their current design, it's more just to get a better grasp on the style. I just wanted to be sure I had a clear idea to work from before investing too much into this challenge and progress is going fine.

(All further additions on my behalf will be edited into this post. Additional comments will serve as notification)

[EDIT 1: Adjusted image size; thumbnails were MUCH too large ]
[EDIT 2: Posted color comp ]
[EDITS 3-5: Posted Ganon, Link and Tetra sketches ]
[EDIT 6: Posted storm studies and new color comp ]
[EDIT 7: Posted original storm sketch ]
[EDIT 8: Posted Tetra character concepts ]
[EDIT 9: Posted a study and style-test sketch, as well as updated color sketch ]
[EDIT 10: Posted remainder of studies, a bit of rearranging. ]

initial scribblings, just to get an idea for what I wanted.

I was mostly pleased where this batch ended up, but there were a few "holes" I wasn't sure how to fill. Regardless, still a great place to jump off from.

There was a common sort of theme in the design and I wanted to try breaking away from it. The characters here I feel are the best elements, so I may end up using them.

I liked the general idea of this arrangement, but there were some "holes" in it that (at the time) I couldn't quite figure out how to fill. After I finished a second round of thumbs, I felt that they sort of "answered the questions" I had with the the above image (namely the massive empty space under the logo). I also liked the Ganon-silhouette from the last thumbnail and pasted it in as well, removing the awkwardly-placed Zelda behind him.

Just dropped in some basic colors, haven't done much thinking, color-theory wise, and will probably reserve that for when I have a better idea for the characters' designs and start actually painting the real thing. If I think of something in the meantime, I'll just drop them in all basic-like to see how they feel and post it up.

After finishing studies, had an idea to change the comp in a way that would add some life to the poster. Again, still very rough, and still have to design the characters.

A quick color sketch, focusing exclusively on the colors and to play around with some color-theory ideas.

(original sketch)

(Study based on Wizard of Oz matte painting)

Original painting without reference, applying the storm studies with the technique from the Oz study.

Just some rough sketches for Ganon. Trying to establish his silhouette. I generally like his Wind Waker design; the robe and long sleeves were a new look at the time that seemed to hide whatever his true power may be. I have to remember that in my comp his back is turned so you won't even really see his face. But the process is still fun.

More rough sketches, this time of Link. I don't intend to aim for realism, again, this is just experimenting with the character's look.

Actually spent some time exploring stylistic choices. Haven't settle on much, though now I feel the style will be conveyed mostly through the eyes. I want to figure out the eyes and then focus on how to approach exaggerating the features around them.

Final poster with Gamecube type:

[Image: 430226_1000418576378_38712127_39660480_5...n.jpg?dl=1]
(click above image to see post in Finals thread)
Hello <3
Some studies and comps:

[Image: zelda_comp4_o.png]

[Image: 01_o.png]

[Image: 02_o.png]

[Image: 03_o.png]

[Image: link_023_o.png]

[Image: link_01_o.png]
Wow, I have a feeling a lot of you will make some really complicated and cool compositions D: Mine is fairly simple, hopefully that's a good thing in the end though. I feel like it could work as a cover. I'm feeling it at least.

The linedrawing is extremely rough right now, just placing things in there again. Going to have to adjust some stuff in the sketch, I kind of lost that spin-composition thing I had going on.
+ some compositional sketches.

(it won't look this anime-ish when it's done, it just happened to end up like that when I was thinking of zelda)

Going to dive into it and work like crazy these last few days.

Added study and new color thumbnail (EDIT #6)
Initial composition ideas:
[Image: 20120226-jub1py8y5up7ax82rhrsfkmp4e.jpg]

[Image: 20120226-fabx13ntny13afp8qwr1xwdd5a.jpg]

[Image: 20120303-rwr9dcdhjdmdi4eqw68egk2thd.preview.jpg]

Decided on the last one and laid out the characters:
[Image: 20120226-tqs7yd1uf9dh1kxnhya464csrc.preview.jpg]

Colour comp:
[Image: 20120303-gn3f3n1jnydh9ppuew8xapd8qg.jpg]

Now onto some studies and exploration of styles now that I feel I have my base idea down.
Added Storm sketch from imagination (EDIT #7)
My two comps and my line art (with logos) for the comp I chose to use

[Image: comp2.jpg]

[Image: comp1.jpg]

[Image: step1.jpg]

Hey guys, looking good! Here's my comp sketches and a WIP. I decided on the last comp, with a few adjustments. I plan to blur everything but Ganon and Link like I did in this WIP when I'm done to emphasize the conflict between them.

^that's awesome.


Some more work on the sketch. Got to work on Ganon some more, still don't know what to do with him. I feel like the composition is there, though. I'm kinda going for that final fantasy sort of thing except it's less anime I suppose, that's what my stuff usually looks like now days.

Keep up the good work guys!

(FYI: Wind "WAKER", as in "waking" the wind, not "maker")
Here's first of my desgins. Gonna try to make this a caricatured kinda style.

[Image: link23.jpg]

More to come

Hi, here is my entry for zelda windwanker, I was struggling for hours with the face of link and decided by a more neutral face, try to do an adult because I do not like to be a child, is like a more grown version and also a little more manly man not a girlyman, whatever.
I try to take the idea by way of a painting by Brian Froud with hints of Drew Struzan .... complicated, XD but see what the result is.

[Image: zelda3.jpg]

[Image: zelda2.jpg]

[Image: zeldawip.jpg]

ahhh to hell with the drawing, I did not like, do not impress me, and I chose the technique was very time-consuming, waste much time at all, bad decisions, in short it is too late.

Put your finger on the picture and see what I think of my drawing:

[Image: zelda.gif]
Thanks, Conny Nordlund!

Quick update before I head off to bed:


[Image: WIP4.jpg]

Zelda character concepts (EDIT #8):

Still need to experiment with different ways to render the character, though I'm generally pleased with the design.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1410][Image: attachment.php?aid=1501]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1502]
(03-04-2012, 04:17 PM)tempest-haze Wrote: Thanks, Conny Nordlund!

Quick update before I head off to bed:

This has potential to be a good composition, but everything in it is too dark, show a ray of sunlight hitting link as the focal point and silhouette and group the values of Zelda and the ship
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1506]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1505]

Some character thumbnails of Link Redesigning him to become more nautical and marine like in the story
Jamesxwu: Haha you read my mind! I actually did put a ray of light on him before having even read your suggestion, but thank you nonetheless. :) I like your silhouettes, by the way, and the idea of having a pirate Link. Can't wait to see where you go with it!

Here's what I have. Maybe it could be tweaked in some areas, but I believe it's done for the most part. The original Wind Waker logo was clashing too much with my color comp so I made my own using the same fonts. I hope that's alright.


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