Kyle's Scary Sketchbook
Hey Daggers. Finally getting around to posting here, should have a while ago. Just looking to get better and be cool like all of you! Clearly a long way to go! All crits/advice of course very welcome.

I guess I'll start with what I've done for the last bloodsport challenge. The first one I couldn't finish in time, so dang frustrating. I'm still working on it, at least another day or so, then going to call it finished and really work my ass off to get the next one done on time!

Studies and where I'm at.

[Image: pantsstudycopy.jpg]

[Image: leatherstudy1copy.jpg]

[Image: tigerskullstudy1copy.jpg]

[Image: monsterthumbscopy.jpg]

Desert sort of Indian/Rajput influenced hunter.

[Image: MonsterHunterPart1copy.jpg]

[Image: MonsterHunterPart1Reversecopy-1.jpg]

The monster.

[Image: MonsterHunterMonstercopy.jpg]

And post kill warrior. Still need to work this out. Hopefully you can spot where the mask comes from.

[Image: MonsterHunterPart3copy.jpg]
More or less finally finished the Monster Hunter as I've been picking away at it this week. Relatively happy with the work I put in, having never really done a concept this thorough before, aside from the million flaws and fixes I see. But onwards and upwards I guess.

Also thought I'd share my entries for the previous CD Bloodsports for some reference as to where I'm at, etc.

[Image: MonsterHunterfinalcopy.jpg]

[Image: GauntletRedesign1copy.jpg]

[Image: ActionFigurePackagecopy.jpg]

[Image: MiyazakiReworkcopy.jpg]
Eh eh, long time no update, soooo weak!

Just a few things in progress, logo for some friends, need crits, never done a logo before. A prairie painting I've just sort of started on. And two studies, a long car study, at about 5 hours now, maybe longer, might keep working on it, and a super quick football dude.

[Image: snakemountainmixtape1copy.jpg]

[Image: girlinyellowdresscopy.jpg]

[Image: KeaneCarcopy.jpg]

[Image: fbstudy1copy.jpg]
A couple more quicker studies. If you haven't guessed I'm working on Wolf Blitzer but at this point I'm still reluctant to post my wips... gotta work that shit out!

[Image: fbstudy2copy.jpg]

[Image: wolfstudy1copy.jpg]
Not super finished Wolf Blitzer.

[Image: WolfBlitzer.jpg]

[Image: wolfblitzerstudiescopy.jpg]
A few quick studies, TEX MECHS beginnings, and a really gross quick caricature portrait of a friend of mine.

[Image: wagonstudycopy.jpg]

[Image: chairstudycopy.jpg]

[Image: TexMechswip1.jpg]

[Image: EVANcopy.jpg]
Came down with some stupid illness today for the first time since at least last summer, my Wolf Blitzer is getting fapped to by furries, and I just cut the shit out of my thumb being an idiot while washing the dishes. April 12, 2012, you sir can suck it.

Some rough alien gardner inspired by the CA CHoW contest from a week ago, going to turn this into a finished piece, and a study.

[Image: TheConstantAlienGardnercopy.jpg]

[Image: cowgirlstudycopy.jpg]
Stuff! DSG 1638, studies and more progress on Tex Mechs!

[Image: massivethingcopy.jpg]

[Image: townstudycopy.jpg]

[Image: bootsstudy.jpg]

[Image: TexMechswip2.jpg]
Just wanted to drop in my Bloodsports entry. Definitely spent a lot more time on this one, but not super happy with the results. That's the way it goes I guess. Learned a lot. Moving on.

[Image: TexMechs.jpg]

[Image: TexMechsStudiescopy.jpg]
Just a thing I'm working on, sort of happy with the direction, would very much welcome crits. Started it for the CA CHoW Horror Survivor last week. And a study. FOX RACING DUDE. Ugh, must get some progress on Bloodsports.................

[Image: HorrorSurvivorcopy.jpg]

[Image: bodyarmorstudy1.jpg]
Ugh, too long without updates and not a lot to show. Computer problems, life getting in the way of art, such bullshit!

Anyway, slowly picking away at the space station chick, need to figure out how to set up the lighting. Some quick character concepts... need to do much more of that. And I've been watching some FZD episodes, trying to go through a painting sort of using his steps... with fairly lame results.

[Image: HorrorSurvivorcopy-1.jpg]

[Image: characterscopy.jpg]

[Image: mechpiececopy.jpg]
Need to paaaaaaint.

Some arm studies, quick hallway still from Alien, some quick young girl fighter concepts... just trying to speed up my ideation/concepting process (which is horrifyingly slow right now). And still picking away, trying to finish off the space girl. Now with a little blood.

[Image: armscopy.jpg]

[Image: alienhallcopy.jpg]

[Image: Girl1copy.jpg]

[Image: HorrorSurvivor3.jpg]
Hi everyone, been super busy and also just failing on updating. Got married, honeymooned, bla bla bla crazy times in life. Super stoked to be able to get back to working hard and even more stoked to get the opportunity to go down to the Massive Black workshop in SF in a week!

I know I'm so far behind so many awesome people who are going to be there, it's incredibly intimidating!

Anyway, started a project for myself, developing sort of a team of adventurers, Final Fantasy esque, I dunno. Just trying to force myself to go through the character ideation phase for the first real time, how they could relate, making them seem like they belong in the same universe, etc.

Here's the first 3 I've been sort of picking away at the same time anyway. Any advice from the Daggers?

[Image: Hero1copy.jpg]

[Image: Hero2copy.jpg]

[Image: Hero3copy.jpg]

hey, liking the sketchbook ideas you're throwing out
but i noticed that your edge control needs some work.

try using a square or chalk brush at higher opacity levels for blocking in first, and use the soft round brush later at lower opacity , hope this help!

Like the conceptwork. Dude kinda reminds me of a roman without the helmet variant.

Keep it up!

Thanks very much for the comments! It was recently pointed out that he does indeed have a Boba Fett helm... ugh, oh well. Small update, couple studies, finishing the personal project and moving on.

[Image: olympicsstudy1copy.jpg]

[Image: leathergirlstudy1copy.jpg]

[Image: Alphonse.jpg]

[Image: Ophelia.jpg]

[Image: Oleg.jpg]

Solid work Kyle, looks like you just need some more time and hard work on your side. Try using some harder brushes in the beginning of a piece and then soften up later for less muddy values. Also. a little more saturated colors/contrast just so that the characters can pop out more. Keep it up, you're doin great so far.

Thanks Dennis, you're right I do need to work harder, luckily (sort of) for me I just quit my job, so I'm only working a bit part time and spending the rest of the time painting! On the bummer side, I spent all last week working on a job drawing some guy and his groomsmen as superheros but I think he has since fucked off (haven't given him anything yet). Ugh.

I've been trying to do some more painting from life (mostly just around my living room) which I'll post soon, but in the meantime a piece I've been working on the past couple days, not happy with the knight yet.

[Image: MonarchofDualitywip.jpg]

Hi Dags, I've sort of reverted to lurker mode, back to basics and what not, but still working hard. Here's a few newer pieces. A couple CA chows.

[Image: Faerie1copy.jpg]

[Image: GoblinAssassinFinalcopy.jpg]

[Image: LolthDemonQueenofSpiders.jpg][/align]

you really are progressing, i second dennis, keep working! :)


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