Kamiru's sketchbook, draw erryday.
[Image: qeqeqeweqwe_by_kamiru_desu-d5u0nm7.png]
Crappy self portrait

[Image: poses_from_imagination_by_kamiru_desu-d5usjxo.png]
Poses from imagination, I'm getting way better with this since I watched a villpu tutorial.

Unfinished CHoW piece:
[Image: iKoxLl4Ao3czJ.jpg]

WIP new ChoW piece:
[Image: ibewiTSsG8K5B8.png]

Umbravita, I don't know where the it's taken, but it's from the move/documentary Samsara.

Sphere thingy.
[Image: ib30AoKW2VsNK.png]

Study, not sure if I'm gonna finish it...
[Image: iSWtOlZzWaiCe.png]

Dude update WIP
[Image: itZS5maK66IHF.jpg]

Creepy dude, 2 hour:
[Image: creepy_dude__by_kamiru_desu-d5wbh17.png]

EDIT: Oh and now I see how the left arm is horribly deformed AFTER I post the picture...

Crimson Daggers Bloodsports 13 WIP, I put a lot of time in this and I want to make it really great.

[Image: ir3mpIBp4vjpV.jpg]

All WIP, lol.

[Image: XGFwnjY.jpg]

[Image: 3bIM6xh.jpg]

[Image: XG6uScC.jpg]


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