portfolio critique
hi everyone im sorta new here
im looking for some critique portfoliowise, im wanting to get into freelance, and i need some insight into what i can change and make better !
thanks and cheers !

i can't critique because your art is better than mine xD but keep it up the good work, i follow you on Artstation ( love the giant snake painting ) if you have time check my sketchbook and give me a critique ;) ( sorry for my bad english )
Hello Lare i like the color combinations you use and you also have a good grasp on anatomy however i feel that some of your poses look very stiff and unbalanced, such as the piece for the king.
new to crimson dagger

my artstation
Hi man! well I took the time to see your stuff, and I like much of it :). I think I could point out a few things that came to my mind while looking at your pieces.
First of, I think your strongest points are figure drawing and overall design, your scifi stuff looks really awesome man!
Now, I feel you could pay more attention to storytelling maybe, and try to say something with your images, instead of showcasing a character posing and a background that mostly serves no purpose to this regard (which, don't get me wrong, it's not necessary a BAD thing, it's typical Legends of the Cryptids stuff) I think, though, that you DO have images where the background adds to the overall read, like the Ocean Princess one or The Harbor.
Having said that, another thing you could improve is your overall skins quality, which right now seems a bit too airbrushy. Maybe you could try to use a harder brush and focus more about plane construction on your figures... Look up the russian academy methods of painting, that might help. And lastly, I feel almost all of your images are lightened the same way, kind of some diffuse light source and/or some rim light. Would be nice if you dropped some image under a strong, directional light, casting some sharp shadows to play with :B

So, really nitpicking here, but hey, that's good news for you. You have some really strong pieces man, keep it up! Looking forward to seeing some new stuff :)

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