Selling My Gnomon Worshop Subscription (10 months of unlimited DVDs left!)
Hey all! Due to financial reasons, I am selling my Gnomon Workshop annual subscription (allows you to stream every DVD in their library), which still has 10+ months remaining, for the price of $355. Normally, the 12 month subscription is $500, which amounts to about $42 a month. My rate will give you 15% off per month, landing at $35 a month. The official expiration date is September 23, 2016, so up until then, you can watch any of the Gnomon Workshop DVD's as much as you want online.

Every video is taught by a working professional. The topics covered range from Digital Production, Entertainment Design, Fine Art and Illustration, and Comics. These include DVDs by Scott Robertson, Feng Zhu, Ryan Church, Syd Mead, James Clyne, and many others. For more info, check out the Gnomon Worshop website.

The way the exchange will work is I will give you the account information, which you can then login with and customize the password, email, etc.

NO LONGER RELEVANT LOOK BELOW---If you are interested, post here, PM me, or visit if you are interested.

Thanks! :)
I have decided to go through Paypal instead of Ebay in order to provide a reduced price of only $330 for more than 10 months of access. This way, you can still use any credit card, debit card, paypal account, etc. for the purchase, and you are covered by Paypal Purchase Protection. Please PM for the link or email me at [email protected]. I do already some interest, so I advise you to act soon.

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