Hey guys,

share your experiences of the Intuos5 here.

I would like to buy one but I want to know if the nib wearing has improved or not.


Looks like it has the same surface as the Intuos 4.

They are remotely the same. I don't think the new one has any more to offer in terms of pressure sensitivity. It do however have that wireless feature and the multitouch. The buttons appearing on screen when you press them is pretty cool too.

It's more a comfort upgrade, you'll be as fine with the 4. Personally I don't get why they call it 5 and not like "Intuous 4S" like the iphones and stuff.

But surely, I'd trade my 4 for a 5 but i doubt it'd make much of a difference.
I should add that: if the money isn't a problem, then get a 5 for the hell of it. If the cheaper price makes things less painful, then go with a 4 because I don't see the 5 being such a big step forward.

Coming from an Intuos 3 its been a major upgrade. I feel like I have more control, which is what I wanted from it. The touch features are nice, but not necessary. I don't have have the wireless adapter yet, but it surely is an upgrade i'm going to make within the coming weeks. It does have a rubbery finish which is nice because it just makes it more comfortable to use day to day. I

Other than that I know its not too much different from the 4. Still a very nice tablet.

I'm thinking about buying a second intuos 4 as a backup (and because I don't like carrying mine around with me as much as I do), but I was really hoping they could do something about the nib wear with the 5. I really don't think I press hard at all but I'm just chewing through nibs left and right. The plain black are my favourite and I'm turning them all into jagged razors in about a month a piece. Ah well.
Kyle if your having problems with nib wear you could always buy one of the cover sheets and then use some wire wool or very fine sand paper to smooth the surface down. I've done it to mine and I haven't replaced a nib in months.

Here's a link to the cover sheet I got

Thanks Ste, I'll maybe have to try that.

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