Critique my Concept Art please
Hey guys!
First of all a happy new year 2016 for you all.
I would like of course to better my concept art, so I post 2 pictures to be critiqued.
They are reeally old - way back from year 2015!

If you have advice on how to make my concept art better and in what direction I should take my studies and practice feel free to tell me.

My website: (available again soon)

My Youtube Artwork-Channel:

My Sketchbook:

You currently have some bad habits. First thing I would work on is smoothing out your line work, it's very scratchy. You have a lot to improve on, don't give up!

As far as the concept ideas you're going for, what exactly is the concept? Think about what would set this apart. Right now, it's not really concept art. It's 2 illustrations of things that pretty much already exist. There's nothing unique about either of them. Does that make sense?

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