Alex's Sketchbook
Hi! I'm about halfway through my first semester of art school so here all post a couple things I've done so far, some of them were for class others are just personal work. I draw a lot more than this but i usually dont take pictures of it, a lot of sketches, these here a more finished 

[Image: kashmir_ii_by_zemie-d9dks06.png]
[Image: kashmir_by_zemie-d9clsjg.png]

[Image: happy_cocktober_by_zemie-d9csir2.png]
[Image: seducctive_by_zemie-d97h3b0.jpg][Image: sickk_copy_by_zemie-d97hepa.jpg]

here is some more work i did in high school a year/ a year and a half ago;

[Image: bird_and_bat_by_zemie-d8nha6l.png]
[Image: wicked_by_zemie-d8mjo9k.jpg]
[Image: gutsgutsgutsgutsgutsguts_by_zemie-d8mcb9q.png]
[Image: dreamscape_iv_by_zemie-d74nelm.jpg]
[Image: ouroboros_by_zemie-d7b6nj1.png]
[Image: fireball_by_zemie-d87ya63.png]
[Image: dysphoria_by_zemie-d81zhq4.png]
[Image: bun_by_zemie-d8qt1l6.jpg]
[Image: vulture_by_zemie-d8zdjn1.jpg]

these are some i did this week, I've been trying to learn how to use acrylic paints:
[Image: 21cdwky.jpg]
[Image: ng6jjt.jpg]

Hi Alex! Welcome to the daggers!

Very cool and interesting pieces, especially that hare with the flowers coming from its stomach Shock How are you finding art college? is it what you expected? 

Anyway keep up the good work, looking forward to many more posts from you.

Hi thank you!
Art college isnt exactly what I expected so far, but I havent started my major yet. Freshmen have to take all art foundation classes like sculpture, drawing, video, ect. I'm hoping to major in communication arts, which is basically like illustration, but I dont know I've been hearing things about that major and the school in general that make me worried. But yeah with art school so far so good I guess!

some sketches and unfinished work from this week

[Image: sketchdump1_by_zemie-d9musjc.png]


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