Isra's sketchbook
Tex Mechs refined

[Image: texmechsup.jpg]

nice mechs dude :)
Thanks dstrax!!

This is a very rough sketch a drew yesterday from real life. I was super sleepy so I couldn't finish it. First time I drew a building from real life, an exercise I have to repeat in the future.

[Image: mnac.jpg]

[Image: week13studies.jpg]

The bloodsports challenge #5 was about redesign one of the top miyazaki films and I started working on an illustration based on Princess Mononoke (one of my favs) but didn't have much time so I didn't finish it.

After a while I got back to it and with a few days working on it I finally finished it.

I usually don't do fan-art, but this was for the bloodsports challenge, it's a good way to get exposure and.....hell, I like this movie so much XD

[Image: makingofmononoke.jpg]

[Image: mononoke2.jpg]

Great development on the Mononoke piece Isra! MY favourite bit is the lady at the top right with the gun, you've done a really cool version of her :) Keep up the good work, will pop in on the streams when i can!

Thank you Alex!! I'm glad you like it and you pay attention to the secondary characters hehehe

And now the character speedy painted tonight in my livestream

[Image: fatwizzard.jpg]

awesome stuff isra, really like the architectural stuff you've been doing. It's something I want to get better at too.

So, what's up dude? Did you finish yesterday's illustration before sun rise? :)

También se habla español!
Thanks for your comments Howie and Malan.

Malan, here's what you've been waiting for :p

[Image: icecreature.jpg]

Haha, nice man! It looks pretty good!
I just want to point out some details :)
I like the composition. It really works well and the main focus point is pretty clear. On the other hand, I think you could have painted some snow on the roofs of the buildings or some small details to enhance the idea of that heavy snow that is taking place. Maybe some warm lights and small reflections on the foreground buildings could have been nice.
But overall, good job man, keep it up! :)

También se habla español!
Thanks Alan! Your comments are interesting and something to keep in mind for a finished illustration, but for this one, I did much more than expected since it was only going to be a design lol

Some studies:

[Image: studiesicecreature.jpg]

[Image: architecturestudies.jpg]

[Image: archstudies2.jpg]

[Image: squarestudy.jpg]

This last one requires an explanation. I was painting the study on my livestream when another Dagger (Chilingo) jumped in my channel and told me “I like it, but can you make it yours?” So I added a big pink monster.

great buildings there
Thanks Black!!

Here's a portrait I painted today in 1h PS CS3 while watching Awesome Horse Studios livestream demo. Not the best portrait I ever painted but 4 months ago something like this took me 5 times more XD

[Image: portrait-awesome.jpg]

Study from this morning's livestream

[Image: picadilly.jpg]

Nice ones Isra.
May I ask where are you getting ref for these? I have been trying google maps with street view, but sometimes its so hard to find a nice spot...

Thank you Ursula! Well, for the last architecture studies I've been using pictures I took in my trips, all the buildings in b&w are from pictures I took in Dundee, as well as the study in color, and this last one is from London. But I totally understand what you say because I have the same problems when it comes to places I've not been to hehe.

Looking at your studies is always inspiring my friend!!
I started to make also this kind of studies... Let's see if they are useful for me! :)

Hey Jaku! Thanks for commenting in my sketchbook! I will take a look at yours later, I have a lot of sketchbook to check but you know....being busy haha

It's great if you start doing studies, but, REMEMBER, apply them haha. I just wrote the other day a post on my blog talking about the 2 months I didn't apply my studies and well, it made me feel more comfortable painting but didn't really learn to paint textures, etc.

Anyway, it's late and I came here basically to post the speedy I painted on tonight livestream XD

[Image: envcrapblog.jpg]

Another architecture study from this morning's livestream. This time the reference was a drawing of sickbrush

[Image: sickbrushstudy2.jpg]

Character painted today on a loooong livestream session. Thanks to all the daggerss who jumped in at some point <3

[Image: rachel.jpg]


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