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What's  up Daggers!! Not really sure how this works but I'm super pumped that u guys are still around. Long  story short I got a positive comment from Dave on a piece I did which really motivated me to get my sh** together and work hard like you guys do.

So this is my sketchbook or whatever. Well kinda. I'll just start by posting up the series containing the piece Dave commented on. I did it while watching his bog witch tutorial. I'll post some process work for em too.

(This post may or may not contain images cuz I'm still trying to figure the site out.)

Anyways....Power Rangers!

Wow nice dude! and welcome, will be watching you from now on ;)

Thanks man! Any constructive criticism or anything like that that you have for me is greatly appreciated. Basically I suck at painting and this series was a way for me to try to find a technique I could use to get to a finished looking piece. Used a lot of what Dave does plus I've been looking at comic book coloring styles. The more I do it the more I'm getting used to it but it still really sucks. Hahaha

I really don't like any of these looking back at them but they taught me a lot. Plus I don't like any of my stuff anyway
Welcome aboard! Your stuff is looking suuuper awesome so far! I can see you have some slight proportion issues with your foreshortning so maybe work on that a little. Otherwise you're stuff is really rad so far, you've really nailed that Dave Rapoza style! Keep it coming <3
wow nice compositions! This is your strongest piece i think

I'm seeing a lot of things you need to work on and i think just fixing these things would make your work shine, especially with your rendering style.

You really need to work on your anatomy dude, like this for example

His left (our right) shoulder It's sinking in instead of rounding out like a deltoid would, almost like there is just a bone there; his neck's too short, his bicep on his right (our left) needs more mass.

his left hand is too small, his neck is really stubby and short, and his crotch area could use a lot of work; It looks sunken in in the front, the way the lines are indicated with the shading. If he's a dude, give him a bulge, even it's just a little. I'm also not buying the way his right hand is connecting to his forearm, hold your hand in the mirror and see if you can get that same pose.
This one has the same issue with the arm, it's not connecting the deltoid to the bicep properly. And she looks like she doesn't have a neck. There's also a tangent where the hilt of the blade meets her hands, it looks like the handle is disappearing.

I see this issue come up a lot in your work and it has to do with line and shape quality in the hands in particular. It looks like you're really struggling to draw them, i'd reccomend practicing to some stylized hands by say comic artists who use really angular shapes

Take those for example (Joe Maduriera) How strong the shape is and confident; It isn't lumpy and awkward looking
His right (our left) arm is too short, but also his elbow is just like a noodle, there's no bone indicated.

I'd reccomend getting or finding a PDF of Hogarthe's Dynamic anatomy to supplement your studies; i think it'd push you a long way, best of luck and welcome to daggers my friend :)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Thanks so much for the feedback guys. I'll make sure I focus on that stuff as I continue my figure studies. Thanks for all the reference images too, Fedodika.
Hey AV, , welcome, man great work! :) well your pieces were approved by Dave himself so I ain't gonna crit them at all. One thing I will say is emulating style is a brilliant way to learn and develop skills, bit I would urge you to do some of your own exploration as well, as I'm sure you probably are already, to figure out your own way of doing things as well. :) Great stuff dude, looking forward to see more, would love to see you participate in the Crimson Crucible challenges at some point.
Also check out Sergio Toppi for inks and comps, if you are into comics. If you haven't seen his stuff before, you're welcome, you can thank me later :)

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Process stuff for my rangers

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Aight my Daggers, heres some random stuff. Most from last year some from this year. All just practice but the characters are mine and they all have stories behind them even if its just something I made up to help me along with the image. These are all on my Instagram if any of you guys wanna check that out.

As always, I hate all of these now. All I see is problems with composition, anatomy, rendering...the whole nine. Its whatever tho cuz I learned from them so hopefully I'll get better at some point.


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Hey man, great stuff, but could I rudely ask you to consider reducing your image posts to 1200px or less width in the future for easier acessibility for all, please? :) I viewed this on my tablet and it totally farted and emitted smoke from all ports waiting for stuff to load haha.

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Some robots

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Some fanart stuff. Just to work on line, color and form rendering techniques. And cuz I think these characters are awesome, of course.

AV! really cool stuff in here! really like the yellow ranger at the top and the winter cloaked robot skull samurai guy!

You've got a really nice look to your work, I think if you hone your skills and practice construction stuff, mainly for faces (planes, proportion etc, all this stuff intertwines to build a well constructed image) its gonna be looking really solid man.

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Thanks Russ! The more I sketch and watch guys like you the more I see how off my structure is most of the time. Trying to work more studies in instead of drawing from imagination all the time which is what I'm used to. Thanks for the tips, my dude. You the realest
Cyborg designs for my 'Infinity Trigger' project

So hard for me to do boring studies without throwing some kinda twist into it. Which is what I did here


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