chubbycat's sketchbook!
Working on colour comps for my viking. Fixed up his design a lil' bit too.

[Image: tumblr_ojgh9rVdgv1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

WIP - Current progress on my female character. Need to revise the lighting and make it more dramatic. Planning on pushing the rendering further too as well as changing some of the armor design

[Image: tumblr_ojglehRA6T1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Working on figuring out a lighting comp. I made the mistake of not clearly defining it in the beginning of my female character, so I'm hoping this will help me avoid the same mistake. 

[Image: tumblr_ojiknyRV0y1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Nice sketchbook!, I love the Lagertha portrait and also those chars are looking good!,
Have you heard the Marko Djurdjevic dvd on characters?, you might find it interesting I know I did.

I look forward to see more!

Thank you imPhelikz! :)

I have not heard of it, thanks for the heads up! If you don't mind me prying, how did you get your hands on a copy? I see Amazon sells it but living where I do, ordering via that is kinda my last resort.

Current progress. A bit stuck on how to render the fur in this piece.. but otherwise I'm happy with the progress.

[Image: tumblr_ojuq6dUCNg1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Values have always been a weak point of mine. I've been trying to become more aware of them throughout my progression. Especially considering how most of the hair and clothing are all in darker shades. I think I need to sharpen some of the shadows up, but otherwise I think it's looking alriiight

[Image: tumblr_ojuq6dUCNg1vp7i5vo2_1280.jpg]

WIP. Going to push textures further!

[Image: tumblr_ojvits7zuy1vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

Hey! Your characters look really good!
Your poses always got a nice flow and I like when you try different variations before going to town with the shading.
I also like the one on the right in #42 where the light comes from behind!
As an advice I'd say use some references from photos or your favorite artists and bring them into your photoshop file so you got them really close. That's gonna be super helpful especially when you work on the values :)
Thanks gregorkari!

I really liked the behind lighting as well, but I've seen a trend in a lot of concept art where dramatic lighting isn't used often. I went for something more subtle but I am going to push it further before calling it done.

That, I always do haha. Perks of having dual monitors means I can work in PS and then have my half dozen refs glaring at me. I would be so lost without them :). I even convert them to b&w to study the values, but values are still a weakpoint of mine that I need to do more studies on

true it's not very supportive for the design but it's still very cool :)
A MASSIVE thank you to all that have helped me with this portfolio piece. I could go on editing this piece for years, but I think it's time I finally call it complete and move on. I'm very proud on how it turned out, especially considering how it previously looked. Here is the final result

[Image: tumblr_ojz3l0vup21vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]


[Image: tumblr_ok8hpsA2GE1vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

I love your linework! The early stage design stuff for the character concepts is really nice - the testing of colours and values, etc.

I think the biggest thing holding you back is the rendering on the finished product. To move forward you could do some really intense material studies based on photos of costumes. Stuff like this: 

And also grab some different materials from around your house, put them in a still life and really focus on rendering out the differences between them. You can also light your still life from different directions to improve even more.

   -   Sketchbook   - 
Thanks BadWoolf! i always find the beginning stages of concept art more fun, haha

Yeaaa, you're completely right! I tried to push the materials more in my viking dude, though I don't think I'm there quite yet. I have the bad habit of not studying the material itself, but studying how other artists interpret the materials and how they render it. Currently I'm working on the bases for two more concepts, so I'll definitely take your advice and do some materials studies before I start rendering them.

And thanks for the ref images! They are super cool :)

Yeah, I forgot to say, but I could tell that you pushed it further on the viking guy, so you're going in the right direction. :)

I know what you mean about studying from other artists instead of the real thing! I do that all the time. And actually it can help with loads of stuff. I guess its about balance, learning from a range of sources.

   -   Sketchbook   - 
I'm glad you can tell! I always try and level up my skills with each piece I do, so I'm glad the improvement is visible :)

Agreed. Both sources are great to learn off... I just need to find a greater balance haha. It's always better to know how things work and react to lighting before looking at other artists works. It's probably why I had to problem solve a lot of stuff in the viking piece.. especially folds in fabrics and such

Working on a new character concept B)

Thinking of going with 1 or 2..

[Image: tumblr_okacj0Sd3C1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

More character ideas. Need to detail bow and arrows before I move further 

[Image: tumblr_okftqb0pLC1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Decisions decisions

[Image: tumblr_oko8cvMiLx1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Gonna call this done unless anyone has any last minute c&c for it. Gonna push the hair a lil bit more too

[Image: tumblr_okr3rcGaqG1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]


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