Poll: Create a separate forum for CHOWs?
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Create a separate forum for CHOWs?
You can toss a vote to help me determine what to do.

I know the CHOWs are a community thing so the Community Challenges area seems appropriate, but seeing how many threads were created for CHOWs specifically maybe it will be a good idea to create a forum for it?
I voted no. The reason why I am voicing out my vote, I think 'No' will be the unfavored choice. I believe it should stay in Community Challenges. To give my vote a little bit of context as to why:

1. We have no idea how consistent the new host will be. The Crimson Crucible worked out because the hosts have a track record of being reliable. When the tournament was being held, the CC ran like clockwork.

2. It's unfair for other past, current (and maybe future) challenges to not get the same treatment.

3. Probably healthy to maintain it where it is because it might encourage people to make new challenges as well.

4. Vandall proved he didn't need the marquee spot to get people to notice his spin on chow.

The new chow is right where it needs to be.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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It's easy enough to find under Community Challenges. Unless this is a steady, on-going thing that last a year, I don't think it should be separated out. It's too specific. Also what John said too. Lastly, thank you Danny, for paying attention and maintaining this forum.


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