What happened to red engine?
So I was looking at potential educational institutes and kept hearing about redengine. Looked them up, pretty neat program, good art. But there websites dead, then I find out on google the whole studio is closed. Funny thing is I can't find anything about it closing down, not even a random forum of someone asking "oh what happened", just nothing, as if it just was never a school.
I suppose its more curiosity then anything but what happened? Anyone know where the people who taught/studied here went?
No idea. I indeed haven't heard from them in some time.

They used to be one of the bigger names out there, alongside CDW, CGMA, FZD, and the likes. How did they close without anybody mentioning it? :/
It seems to me that the people teaching there just moved elsewhere or to other projects.
Anthony and Maciej were one of the founders of Learnsquared, John and Daniel Park moved to Brainstorm, Justin Goby Fields teaches on Schoolism etc.
After all the founders or Red Engine - Steve Jung and Jung Park are artists. It's probably very exhausting to work on big movies, AAA games and teach, let alone run a school. So I think(speculate) everybody just moved on other things as a natural progression.

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