Talix's Sketchbook
Hey, newblood here. Decided I wanted to pursue concept art just over a year ago and have been drawing ever since.
Am looking to continue to learn and improve so thought id  make a sketchbook.

I will try to post regular. Critique and any comments are very welcome!

Here are some works from the past few weeks -

Some other things -

Little update

In progress

With regarding to your Landscape/ Scenery paintings- I think your Mid-ground and Background values are too close together, as a result , the whole thing looks flat;
Do you give enough thought to what the focal point of the painting should be?
What do you want the viewer to look at?

Your shapes and Values are often too muddy, make things in the mid-ground/ Your focal-point sharper than in the rest of the painting
Add more contrasting Values to your focal-points

Some of your stuff is really well made!
But you often seem to rush in into painting in Value and colors,
I recommend you spend more time in the line-art stage and make sure your proportions and construction is done correctly.

Overall, IMO your fundies are a bit shaky;
Practice your construction- Drawabox.com
Watch some classes and tuts on composition , www.ctrlpaint.com is a great place to start
The Resource thread on this board has com very good content you should check out.

Good luck!

Hey Hirvios I appreciate the thorough response. I can see what you mean about my values being too close together and not having enough contrast as well as things appearing muddy, I'll try to keep that in mind moving forward.

Seen these links around before also but haven't dived into the vids. Definitley need to continue to work on my fundamentals so i'll check them out.

I've taken a step back with these drawings below to focus just on shape, values and composition and teach myself to look at these before diving too heavy into texture and detail.

Worked a little more on this also -

Couldn't sleep. Started painting a Knight, trying to use bigger brush strokes. Will continue tomorrow.

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Update. Back onto some more of those thumbnails now.

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Loving the knight!
Keep it up!


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