Week Long Study Bootcamp -Results
Hey all. After doing some training for a few months, I decided to assign myself a week-long master study bootcamp. 
Im not sure if theres any specific rules to doing a master study BUT what I did do was apply as much of my training and lessons into my paintings. 

   The Parameters were as follows
                      -Do 1 paintings per day for four days
                      -Choose different artists for each day (Being Frank Frazetta, J.C.Leyendecker, and John Sargant)
                      -Use lessons provided to re-create colour patterns and choice - subject matter accuracy is unimportant
                      -Have fun and learn

I want to know what you guys think. I know I learned a lot but is there anything that I was missing, perhaps any glaring mistakes I could learn from? Below I will post my four paintings and then the references below them. If you want an idea on how I used to paint (no ref) I can post those upon request aswell.

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Here are the References

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