Raz's Sketchbook
(11-18-2012, 05:54 PM)razvanb08 Wrote: Thank you Iggy for the post. I apreciate you taking the time doing the paintover and explaining what you did to make it look so good :D.
I used to use the soft round a lot in the past, don't know why i wasn't using it on this study, thought about it but never did it. Got to stop using the texture brush so much , thanks for pointing that out and reminding me of it.
Got to say I'm gonna be comming back to this post a lot when i'm using color so thanks for that again!

glad i can be of help

5 minute sketches using ref :

And some sketches for the final pinup:

5 min sketches using ref:

about 5 min sketches of expressions :

Some work on the second sketch for the pinup:

Improvements on the pinup with the help of Shyam :



Got to work a lot more on this :


A little more work on this:

Very good man! I recognize all those 5 min sketches of the models up there, haha. Keep doing those along with the face gestures, it helps a lot!

I do a very similar process myself. If you can try starting gestures from 30/60 secs and move the time up 60 seconds after each page or somethin like that. It's pretty fun and it helps increase speed and working process. It'll also force you to start to think more in a skeletal frame type mindset and how to build up from it, since you don't have much time to think with 30 seconds EXAMPLE

Keep up the great work, gettin tons better. New piece is comin out sweet.

Thanks Dennis! I did those to help me with the second pinup sketches. They definitely helped and I'm gonna do more.
Thanks for all the great ref pics!

More work on the Pinup:

Sketches and studies:


I'm digging this~
The pin up is looking great man, keep pushing!


This one I started it in black and white and added the color later:

Some rendering on the Pinup:

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Great post! Back to Loomis and Bridgman? Can't wait to see that pinup finished, its looking like its gonna turn out amazing :D.

Thank you!
Got to get some studys in. Those Bridgman studies are kinda tough, but are really expresive. Hope i can get some stuff like that some day :)

I should update my sketchbook more often :

(01-25-2013, 09:56 PM)razvanb08 Wrote: I should update my sketchbook more often :


The pin up turned out great man, and I love the Rana sketches! Please update moar!

Messing around some more with the pinup and some rana progress:

And a portrait :

Some enviroment sketches for sickbrush's class:

Color schemes for Rana:

Decided on these two but maybe you guys can help me decide on which one to do:


The pinup got to do fix some minor anatomy issues with it:

A study , maybe I will work on it some more, cause the folds are nice :

Some rendering on the Rana character:

And some modification on the pinup:
-moved her left hand in a bit
-changed the folds on the pants

Stuff :



Sketches for and enviroment:

Decided to push this one a bit more:


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