2 Years Later..

I'm starting over, rebranding, and as part of that I'm going back to my roots - I've been very unsupported this past 2 years so done little to no art at all.  So I've decided to throw together some of my "best" 2016 & 2017 art works as a reminder of where I was at with my digital art..  I have now borrowed my boyfriends macbook air, his photoshop cc 2019 and setup my wacom cintiq13HD.  I plan to move on, improve and grow..  Looking for supportive friends along the way to perhaps grow together and/or inspire each other! Xx

- Imogen, 30, England :)

[Image: D1iO3SLX0AAyuWW.jpg:large]
Nice to see you getting back into it :)
I know a lot of those feelings too, motivation is really difficult to find/create
sometimes but it's always worth it to push yourself.

Looking forward to see what you create in the future!

Hey welcome to Crimson Daggers Imogen :).

Nice works there :).

Sorry to hear about your problems, I hope you are getting better now :).

You got skills girl, looking forward to more from you :).

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