Citronbalsam's Art Journey
'ello Daggers. 

Been lurking for a little while but now I think it is time for me to make my own sketchbook thread. 

I want to work as a concept artist/illustrator in the future.

Some recent photo studies: 

[Image: dd3ulbc-7680cbce-6a42-4d02-b378-cc5c1c8c...FkXMb_GvPk]
[Image: dd49729-4578381f-3903-4a17-9b9d-090578af...YIbl51vka8]
[Image: dd4eiqw-80f0a9cf-4d7e-4abc-85be-f85f9e4c...qeUAfeLkvc]
Hey CitronBalsam. Welcome to the Crimson Daggers. Hope it's not too late to greet you. It's kinda tricky with forums or any online social platform to know if people are going to stick around or not. Then again, same goes with real life I guess.

Nothing much to say but keep on going, good luck with the journey, and any thoughts or musings on your recent studies?

It's debatable whether or not what you're trying to achieve is indeed impossible. One thing's for sure: it's impossible to defeat a person who doesn't know how to quit.
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