Improving colour and colour composition
Heya! Was wondering if anyone could help with some advice on how to improve my colour/colour composition game. (recently started using a scene generator from this site and I thought it was a great way to imrpove). Any advice would be appreciated!

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1) You really need to work on your values, this is way too dark overall. It needs to be clearly readable in a small thumbnail, even without colour, but if you desaturated your image (like I did in the attachment), both figures would completely vanish into the background. The simplest solution would be to lighten the background and add distance by introducing some fog.

2) There is a lot of empty space, almost all of the top half of the image does not add really anything to the story - I would make the monster bigger, it can only help to make him appear threatening.

3) On that note, I assume he's grabbing for the woman in the corner, but it doesn't really appear that way because his body is turning away from her, he doesn't even appear to be looking at her - personally, I'd turn his head in her direction. That will also improve the visual flow of the image, since he is the first read it would lead the viewer's eye to her.

4) I know this is a colour study, but work on your poses and anatomy, and use reference - the woman's body looks weird, and I cannot even tell whether she's supposed to be kneeling, running, lying or whatever. Just have someone snap a picture of you doing what she's supposed to do on your phone, it doesn't need to be anything fancy or complicated.

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