Hello everyone!
First off, hello!  Sun

I've never done this type of stuff before. Ya know, join a forum and stuff. I've always been lurking in the shadows never actually interacting with people. 

But now I wanna change that. 

I've been kinda serious about art for a few years now. I studied art for three years during high school. And I fell in love with it. However, since I left school and bought myself a computer and a tablet I've been absolutely in love with creating and getting better at art. I've been having so much fun! But sometimes I kind of just want to get helpful critics about my works and just talk about great artists and art in general with someone but all the friends I have aren't artists. So I've decided to join Crimson Daggers in hopes of finding other people with similar interests!

Here are some of the works I've made during the last week since buying my drawing tablet:

As you can see, my interests are a mixture of realism and anime. What do you think of them?

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