Hello People!

MrPaintedPug here, but call me Aaron.

Long-time lurker here, and when I say a long time I'm talking years here. I've always wanted to learn to draw/paint/create but only ever dipped my toe's in. After turning 30 I kind of feel like its a bit of a now or never moment. 

So I'm hoping that an awesome community will keep me on task. Like I said I've had my toes wet for about 10 years but never really committed myself properly, so I'm pretty much starting from Zero! I've spent the past decade feeling pretty unsatisfied working numbing jobs and wanting to take up art seriously, but always finding an excuse. So time to stop being a lazy git!

Looking forward to meeting some awesome people/artists.
Hey man, don't worry about being 'older' - 30 isn't even old at all. I am in my early 30's myself. Have done art off and on for a good portion of my life but mostly off. Sometimes it would be several years between picking up a pencil or brush. I have not been consistent with it at all. That is something I am trying really hard to correct right now.

At the end of the day after work, having to cook, do chores etc. it can be easy to convince yourself to just take a well deserved rest and just keep putting art off.

I love art, but its also incredibly frustrating to me. I talk to a lot of people that enjoy it, but to me its really hard to enjoy it when I am not at the level that I want to be. I envy those that can just enjoy where they are in their journey regardless of skill level and be able to find pleasure in it. That mentality is also something I am working to improve.

Probably one of my favorite resources no matter where you are in the process is matt khors ctrl+paint website. Tons of great free videos, and he has a very good understanding of breaking down hard concepts into something that is simple to understand.
Turned 31 this year and felt like I've squandered my own progress at art, so you're not alone in the whole, I feel old and I'm running out of time to do what I want, sorta feelings. :- ) Welcome and enjoy the forum! Well, I say this, but you've been here longer than I have, haha.

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