End's Art Dump
Hello! Im a lost soul who is trying to get better at draw/painting. Hopefully my sketchbook gets somewhere. Feel free to critique my stuff to shreds and say hello.

I'll try to post my stuff consistently good/bad. Practice makes progress. 

Here I go.  Sun

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Welp realized the size of first couple were alot larger than I originally intended sorry about that. Here are my sketches.

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Hello End!

Welcome to Crimson Daggers. I really appreciate your pen drawings because they remind me of one of my favourite artists, Sergio Toppi. Have you heard of him? He creates awesome texture with just lines and ink. Also you're a fellow Muji pen user which is great!

Concerning your digital work I feel like you could try studying form and how to represent that in painting. I see that as an area you could improve in (as we all could, honestly).

Looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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