menchi sketchbook
hey there!
i am in dire need of improving my fundies(hopefully fun won't die), therefore i plan to revisit some loomis, bridgemans and whatnot, and share my progress with you guys. For now more traditional studies than digital stuff.

gotta check out some sketchbooks here... 1-2 ppl here that i've seen around already.

some stuff to get an idea of my current standing.

Hey man. I like that armor study. Good job on capturing the specularity of the metal

Looking at the elf however I think the value structure is lacking.

While its possible to have an effective picture with a narrow value range, you have to keep local values and the values of light and shadow separate for the image to read well. As it is, all the values everywhere are too close to eachother and there is almost no contrast.

I did a quick paint over pushing the values to their extremes to show you what I mean. The values of the skin, hair and background are now grouped separately for the most part and I think it reads a bit better.

Steve Huston says to always err on the side of exaggeration, you can always tone it back if its too much.

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Hi Menchi, nice start here, I like your figure study there.

One thing you could try that has really helped me is to sketch in the shadow shapes before you start rendering.  This will help with keeping your lights light and your darks dark.

In fact a lot of artists when doing quick studies, they just sketch the outline and then the shadow shapes and leave it at that not even bothering to render.

Here's a useful article about the terminator line:

I also did a quick paint-over of your figure study to further illustrate, hope this helps, if not please ignore :).

PS: I dropped in a couple of lost edges (top of his head and on his right shoulder) because I like the painterly feel they give but ignore these if you're not into that kind of stuff.

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CD Sketchbook

Hey update!
First off, thanks for the valid critique, i certainly need more experience in my shading. Im not very confident with values largely because im not quite sure yet how to approach painting and how to use my brushes/brushstrokes.

I usually try to abstain from artistic choices like losing edges or exaggerated shadows (specifically coreshadows) because to me it feels a bit cheaty (making something look good =/= accurate representation) but i also know that exaggeration can be helpful to overcome unconcious restrains that lead to actual inaccuracies, so i guess i should give it more of a try.

here is some stuff of this week


and mostly Bridgeman and Loomis studies, some from imagination, from ref.
Especially trying to get a better feeling for the torso-pelvis proportions and how to draw it in perspective.


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