_spec's stinky sketchbook
Awww I love the breath of the wild one! cute gaurdian omg

(01-01-2022, 05:57 PM)_spec Wrote: @Jephyr thanks so much dude!!! I really appreciate that. Ive been working hard at breaking out of my own ego/shyness shell and showing more of myself through my work in that exact way...yknow like taking myself and my work less seriously and just having fun in the purest sense. it's a hard thing for me to do so it means a lot to me that you notice it!

Your welcome, spec.  It sounds like we're kinda on a similar path.

LOVE your Hozure style loose-painty thang!  I hadn't heard of Hozure and found them on Deviant and love what I see.

Keep 'em coming!


More BOTW stuff! Been practicing my linework lately too. This includes the usual stuff like to exercise loose and sweeping lines, emphasizing arm movement instead of hand/fingers, and thinking about how line weight can be used to imply shadows, ambient occlusion, or even the importance of a subject infront of something else

Love the style you've got going on. Makes me want to try something similarly graphic once I've got the time.

Thanks spectral! Iv'e been leaning towards a more graphic approach to painting lately- i find it leaves way more room for designing w shapes before dealing w a mess of soft edges too early on. 
Huge art dump! ive been a bit all over the place lately so none of this is really in any order

Your style is amazing! all pieces are so much fun. :)

Stunning work, really love the blocky and bold colours.

Sketchbook | Instagram

"Drawing is the honesty of art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad." - Salvador Dali
Thank u @Velt0n and @Gulp86 :) Trying to lean into that style more as it's the most fun for me.

Anyways, it's been exactly ONE whole month since i last dropped an update here. Art-wise I think i've been in a slightly better frame of mind, focusing on having fun and leveraging my blocky/colorful style here and there. I also think i'm starting to have more fun as I start to focus on visdev type of art- i still have a lot to learn about that industry but it looks like it could be fitting for me eventually!


Really digging your style, ngl. It just reads as if there was a lot of fun involved, and I think that's something very very hard to accomplish.
Super expressive stuff, not only talking about your recent pieces, but also your sketchbook in total.
Looking forward to seeing your next update.



"Losing all hope was freedom."
Thank you @mixedmax ! That is indeed the only thing keeping me going. This art stuff is very frustrating and stressful so if I dont keep things new and  enjoyable for myself nothing would ever get done! haha

Anyways here's a dump from the past few weeks. Looking back, I think something I should start being more aware of is the time of day/weather in my paintings so it can better hep me pick the appropriate colors and tones and know how far to push them. 


Thanks for your comment in my thread!

I'm really digging the vibrancy of your work. It really brings out your style. It's fun to look at, cheerful and full of life. Great stuff!

Love your work, super cute and vibrant. How do you get that pixel-y look to the edges on some of your latest ones? I don't think they are painted at super low-res since the gradations are smooth, but the edges are like serrated looking? I really like how that looks.

I love how saturated your colors are! Really makes your works look vibrant!

Love your style! I'm particularly impressed with your color choices, very vibrant and colorful without being oversaturated... keep it up!

Thanks y'all!! Fun colors are an ez way to mask my lack of painting skils ahahahahah

(07-29-2022, 01:36 PM)JosephCow Wrote: Love your work, super cute and vibrant. How do you get that pixel-y look to the edges on some of your latest ones? I don't think they are painted at super low-res since the gradations are smooth, but the edges are like serrated looking? I really like how that looks.

Thanks man!... I'm actually not sure. I think it might my low-quality screenshot pulling out the aliasing of the image. I do really like it though hahahah. Sorta like a higher-res style of retro/pixel art.

Damnnnnnn yo it's been over 6 months since I've last posted. It isn't that i've forgotten, but just didn't have the time to :o
I've still been practicing on and off outside of work with any free time I have. Here's half of the art dump, and i'll upload the rest.... later or something. This doesn't include the figure drawings and sketches from my Ipad/phone, so i'll try to make time to export those eventually.

Thanks for looking! 

You've been busy! Great work with your recent art dump, all very solidly drawn and painted. I'm a fan of your style and love your sense of colors as well, keep it up!

Man, you have a lot of cool and funny stuff in here!
Your chibi style, especially of Cars and their owners, is very fun!

Interesting how you oftentimes just put the colors and have no outline whatsoever.
No black lines around the drawing and it does not even look bad. I think thats kind of rare, having no outlines (?) .

Oh, and the "pink elephant" picture is one of the most hilarious things ever! The expression and pose of the old man, omg, hilarious! I saved the picture, I hope you dont mind. It's too funny.

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