Hi there
Hi, my name is Alex. I've been in many art communities along the years like Conceptart.org but never participated much. I used to draw a lot as a kid and a teenager but eventually stopped even though the dream of reaching a good skill level never left.
I have decided that it was high time I actually do something about it instead if telling myself that I will do it "one day".

After not drawing for so many years I am basically starting from scratch and feel a bit lost. Hopefully being part of a community will help me stay on track.

I would like to eventually be good at both painterly digital illustrations and comics style drawing (complete with pencilling, inking and colouring). I draw mostly characters but I would like to learn to draw environments too.

Nice to meet you.
Welcome aboard. It's often tough to get back into drawing after such a long hiatus. I hope that frequenting this forum will help to keep your motivation going.

I look forward to seeing what you'll post. If I have anything to say I'll be sure to give you some (bad) advice, LOL!
Welcome Alex, I look forward to seeing your work on here. I know how difficult it can be after not drawing for a while, but you'll get back to speed in time.

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