typhoneus's Sketchbook

Quote:gerbenpasjes- "I would recommend you start with the straight-line exercise again before drawing the boxes, just a single page as a wrist-warmup! I'd also use a pen, which makes it easier to spot your mistakes. As for the boxes, place some points on the page first and then draw the line to connect the points."

Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely keep doing the straight line exercise, it's hard enough with my lines dancing around like skinny crackheads at a rave.

I redid a page of boxes with points and added numbers if anyone wanted to comment on a particular one to work on.

By the way, you can just call me Carly - I should thought about that when I registered.


Tried my hand at the odd numbered proportions section and suffice to say I'm not pleased with how they came out, so whatever I do tomorrow will include more of these.


And these were the brain break sketches for tonight. Nighty night folks! https://youtu.be/I9kgrRrnUUc


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