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Yes, I know there’s a resource thread... but the resources I found were about 3D modelling. 

I’m looking for resources on the web (free) where you can rotate 3D art interactively without downloads. Like skulls, body parts and the like.

I’ve found this:
But it’s very limited...
Not free...
This is likely the best reference but it’d like to know if there’s more out there. 

Of course, feel free to move/merge this thread.

This is kind of cool. Has every species of animal and human skull. I haven't personally put it to much purpose, yet. But might as well add it to the list.

edit: I should say that you can rotate the skull to the left, then hit search and it will find images of a head at the angle you set it as.

This website has models of every bone, muscle, and organ, which you can rotate freely. Apparently the polygon data for the models is taken from MRI images. It has a bit of a learning curve and I seem to have forgotten how to use it already (thanks brain).

There are tutorials on Youtube about how to use it if you have trouble. I recommend it, it's extremely useful.
#4 & are both Asaro heads that have interactive lighting in 3D.

also not necessarily a reference but is an complete online sculpting tool. is for creating normals maps online.

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