Heide4d's Portfolio
Hi! I'm a self-taught artist who works on traditional media. Here are some of my most recent works, most of them are pretty small in real life, I plan on moving to bigger formats from now on.

Diluvial/Moon, Ink and watercolor on paper, 2020.
I feel like remaking it soon on a bigger format. 

Nunkui, 2021. Ink and watercolor, preliminar drawing for a woodblock print I'm carving.

Salo, Ink, watercolor and charcoal on colored paper, 2020.

Untitled, Dry pastels, charcoal and white chalk on colored paper (the mask was added digitally on photoshop because I didn't like the way the face looked), 2018, my first attempt with the medium.

Demon, Ink on paper, 2018.

Ikhthyes, Dry pastels and white chalk on colored paper 2019.
that is some lovely lovely work. I hope we ll see more from you

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