Hello everyone!
Finding this site has been like slipping on a old glove. It has been 20 years since my CA days and this site has scratched an itch i did not know was there until i stumbled upon it. A story similar to many others that have found their way to this site, and i am very happy to be among like-minded artists again.

I very much enjoyed participating in CA character and creature design challenges as well as seeing all other artist progressions through their sketchbooks, but most of all it was the supportive non-toxic environment that i have missed. Getting and giving critique and feedback is such an asset in development.

As a full time engineer and father of 2 little ones finding time for art has become increasingly tricky but i still manage to carve out time to keep the fire burning. For the most part my art is just for me, besides writing and illustrating a few children’s books, entering in art competitions ( being selected for 2 Talenthouse competitions was a nice bonus) and a few commissions  I basically draw and create what ever pops into my head which keeps things fun. I remain a humble amateur with a continuous desire to improve with every piece i create.

My most admitted weakness has always been in coloring and have always been ,more comfortable in B/W, so i have geared up to make it a strength if possible and i hope to create a sketchbook that follows this journey.

I look forward to being a part of this community and getting to interact with you all! Cheers!

Welcome aboard, hope you'll enjoy your time on the forum.

Glad to hear you're managing to find time for art, it must be a challenge!
Welcome! you've done some cool work :) keep posting


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