I've Come Back
Hey everyone,

My name's Jeremy, I'm a 32 year-old graphic designer and illustrator. I really want to get back to basics though in painting and push my work more toward concept art and fantasy illustration style. I started out twelve years ago on the conceptart. org forums and spent a short time on the Crimson Daggers forums back when the Bloodsports challenges were a thing.

I miss the type of community that we used to have with that, facebook just isn't the same. I figured I'd try to start posting on here to kind of get back to that. I look forward to seeing everyone else's work and offering any feedback I can on a regular basis, and I look forward to everyone's feedback on my own sketches!

Let's push ourselves to the next level.
Welcome aboard. Facebook isn't the same, that's for sure!

Your sketches and studies are quite good and expressive; look forward to seeing more.

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