Monthly story challenge anyone?
In the same vein as the monthly characters and creatures, I would like to suggest a monthly story challenge for a comic page or similar narrative formats. The main purpose is to discuss the creation process in the WIP thread: ideas, scripts, layouts, techniques... It can be quarterly instead of monthly if we want to make longer stories.

Beside me, who would participate?

I'm not personally interested in making comics, but even if you don't get any replies to this thread, it might still be worthwhile to make the challenge thread, since others might feel more like participating when they see someone give an example. The worst that can happen is that it will very slowly drift down to the second page.
Thank you PE. I'll think of a prompt unless somebody suggests one here.
Drifting down is OK, but very slowly drifting down is sad, I wish the place was bustling.

Yeah. Art seems to be a particularly niche activity, so its associated forums died harder than those for some other interests. Even the art board on 4chan is glacial by 4chan standards. I wonder if art has become even less of a popular pursuit with young people over the last 20 years or so. At times it seems like it's become more common, but it's kinda hard to tell if that's just because of digital art and social media making it easier for people to broadcast themselves and try to make something resembling a career out of it.

A major factor in art forums being so slow is that one needs to actually participate in the craft in order to have any interest in posting on a forum for it, whereas for something like music, the nature of it makes it natural for someone who does not make music themselves to participate in discussions and activities around it.

So even now, while music-related forums are slower than they used to be, there are still new posts or comments at least every couple of minutes. Even if this usually means a lot of 30 page arguments about things like whether or not Alice in Chains or Nirvana are the better band.
Hard to assess indeed. I'll have a look into the discord servers tagged for art critique, to see how these one-darn-single-thread discussions fare and check whether everybody migrated there.


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