Crimson CHOW Challenge #51 - The Bone Weaver
@FallingWater That's such a cool concept. I love how she's walking on the skeletal hands. I can see them raising from the ground to support her with every step she takes. That's such a wicked idea!

I really hope you're going to start a sketchbook thread to share with us here. I would love to see more of your stuff!

Also, welcome!

FallingWater: Everything my Crimson Daggers brothers said, and again great concept and welcome indeed! The idea here is to learn, have fun, and enjoy the little creative community we have here. Everyone is super talented, knowledgeable in their own ways, and mostly open to answer questions etc. I hope you definitely keep the momentum going with participation and just let loose and share and show all you got. We are all trying to improve and make progress on our creative journeys. Welcome to Crimson Daggers 100

To all artists struggling to create and are intimidated by A.I. (anti-imagination)
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