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Full Version: Joel Hustak's Sketchbook
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Starting a sketchbook on here to post studies, sketches, WIPS and stuff like that. Right now I will start with a little warm up insect I did today.

If you are interested in seeing more of my previous work you can check out my website at

or blog

Critiques, tips, and comments are more than welcome. :)

[Image: beeetle.jpg]
[Image: skull_lighting.jpg]
Nice start and welcome. I've just browsed through your blog and I think you have a great thing going on already. I'll just stand by and watch what happens :)
iCi- Thank you :) This thread is meant to get me back into the spirit of regular studies. I'm going to try to make it daily or at least dump a few studies every other day.

Fish study from today, warm up for a piece im starting.

[Image: fish1.jpg]
I found this image of a man walking up a dive line, and thought it was a cool image but it also matched the atmosphere and mood of a piece im starting soon. So I did this study mainly focusing on the mood of it.

[Image: walkingondiveline.jpg]
Another fish study. This time it's a bit scarier..

[Image: fish2.jpg]

Also, here is a sketch for the Nymph Art Order Challenge.

[Image: Oceanids_sketch.jpg]
Great sketchbook, man. You have a nice economy to your brushstrokes.
ndhill: Thanks dude. I remember checking your stuff out a little while ago, I really like your characters and their costumes, as well as those alien creatures!

LOTR screen cap study.
It was fun painting Gandalf's hair with that lighting.
I will probably do a few of these in the near future.

[Image: lotr_cap1.jpg]
Here is a work in progress for The Art Order Nymph challenge.
I'm still intending to add more colors and and texture as well as teeth of course.

[Image: Oceanids_process3.jpg]
Love that LotR Study! Awesome!
Ursula Dorada: thanks :)

Update on this WIP, still working it.

[Image: Oceanids_process4.jpg]
Wrapped up this illustration today. :)

'Rampant Oceanids' - When sailing the high seas, every sailor knows best to stay out of the water for fear of the rampant oceanids below.

[Image: oceanids_joelhustak_web.jpg]
Quicky landscape from photo reference.

[Image: landscape1.jpg]
pretty sweet.Really digg your mermaid renderring ,keep it up
Rindoukan - Thanks :)

Another landscape study.

[Image: landscape2.jpg]
Landscape study

[Image: landscape3.jpg]
Beer watercolor still life i painted for my brother's birthday. Some white gouache was added for some highlights.
I've also included a watercolor portrait of my nephew, which I painted over the holidays.

[Image: beer1.jpg]
[Image: grayson1.jpg]
Recently created this creature illustration for the facebook game 'LevynLight' by Hitgrab.

[Image: mastershadowtrevamp.jpg]
One of the cards I did about a year ago for FFG's 'The Hobbit: On the Doorstep' was just released.

'The Lonely Mountain'

[Image: TheLonelyMountain_JoelHustak.jpg]
Pig photo study from today.

[Image: pig1.jpg]
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