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Full Version: Reza Dwiputra's Sketchbook
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Here i will post my daily sketch (traditional and digital)
From 21st November 2013 till whatever date you are reading this

I'm always open to C&C
so thanks for visiting.

And let's see my progress :)

Best Regards - Reza Dwiputra
while Listening to Allejandro Mirabal's workshops

oh boy im sucks :(
manga style test
Wooow...the manga girl is so cute =]
my goal : copying all the figures from Bridgman's Complete Guide For Drawing From Life
By December 1st I must reach the 100th page of the book!

afollowing page
another page
ojo kesusu, sing penting mudeng maksudte sing soko bridgman
ngomong opo to mas? ngga ngerti bahasa jowo saya
oh maap, maksudnya, klo ngopi jgn cepet2, pengalaman dulu ngopi cepet2, jadinya ga nangkep apa2
Sup reza, yeah to add what rioriorio said, just take it slowly, dont do the study for the sake of fullfiling your quota, make sure you get something from it.
yeah guys, thank you for your input, it seems that i have copy the image but missing the point that bridgman want to say in the book :(

gesture study from quick 60s each
O hay there reza. Nice job putting in all the effort of copying the image, but remember that mindless copying doesn't help. You should have a clear point and go for quality over quantity always. But you have the right energy, just need to direct it differently. Keep it up though :) Nice lines in the gestures :)
another study from quickpose,
thanks guys for your concern, i'll focus on what more matters than quantity :)
It hard sometime to have a good sense of what one should learn but let yourself be guided by your weakness i mean if you know you **** at something and it need to be fixed study that aspect.Hope this will help you get where you want.
It's been a while since my last post :(
i've really got to work hard on my discipline

Photo - color study

lil bit zoom in
i would say continue to experiment with fabric folding also she seem to have breast problem

here you can find some useful info
Thank you darktiste :)

Hand study 1 Feb 14
Awesome stuff Reza. Hands are definitely the only going to be solved by drawing them over and over.
Kind of a pain to get to diff images but is a pretty good source for different hand pics.
Another handstudy 2 Feb 2014
1st task on 1 perspective study group class
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