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Full Version: CRIMSON CHOW #2 - Modern Wizard FINALS
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Post your finals here!
(Refer to WIP thread for complete rules: )

-Only ONE submission per person
-You may vote for as many entries as you like
-Voting will remain open until Friday, September 26th

Deadline for submission is Sunday, September 21 @10pm GMT

*Sidenote: Winners cannot win two challenges consecutively, but are welcome to post their image in the finals thread.
you can see my studies and iterations in my SB thread in my sig!

Higher Res:

I'm a wizard, bitch!
My version of a contemporary witch.

Hermione + Buffy =

[Image: final_zps12507d6e.png]
"I'm a wizard, bitch!"
My take on it.

[Image: FgU8JjF.png]
Hard but fun ;D muuust spend more time next time tho!

[Image: InmateWizardFINAL.png]
Great job everyone! So much hard twerk.
Awesome work everyone!

[Image: Cfg70ya.jpg]
Here's my entry in to CHOW #2 Modern Wizard