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Full Version: Inktober 2016!
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[Image: cf3f7565e7cb5cc0-weblogod.png]

Just a few days to Inktober! Post your drawings here if you want to join in with the Daggerz!

If you are new to Inktober, the challenge is to do one drawing per day for the month of October - in ink. You can use any kind of ink you want - technical pen, felt tip, marker, brushpen, biro etc etc. Pencil underdrawing is fine - use whatever techniques you like to get the drawing done, then ink it! Or skip the drawing and just go straight in Samurai style! Most importantly - have fun and challenge yourself!

The idea behind Inktober was to develop inking skills without being distracted by other mediums and drifting away from it. You can do a drawing every other day if you don't want to do the full month, or just one a week, or just throw a couple in there. Have fun, try a different medium than usual, or push your inking skills further! Here's a link to what we did last year:

There is a bunch of prompts this year if you are stuck for ideas, from Jake Parker's website (he's the guy who started inktober), but draw whatever you like:

[Image: 319c74ab8d74a39e-2016promptlist.jpg]

And here's a link to his website if you want to read more about it:

Looking forward to see lots of ink!


Just thought to add that since we're all here to get better, when you post something try to make a comment or two about someone who posted above - just something quick if you don't have time, or give some more specific crits if you do have time : )
Lol did not see this thread when I made mine! Saw the 2015 one tho :P
my imaginative title made it stand out so well from last years xD hope I didn't hijack your thread first...

Day 1 drawing coming soon!
Day One!

Happy Inktober!  Thumbs_up


[Image: oejBeXf.jpg]
looking good guys! my goal this month is to do a character per day, so by the end of the month I should have a few good ones to use for future stuff! Good luck everyone ^_^b

[Image: KOv1kK9.jpg]
Cool stuff everyone! Here's my Day 1 drawing - fast. 
The wings are kinda small and don't make sence as I can see now
Great stuff guys. Not sure if I will keep this up, but useful as a daily warmup. Also digital for now. I might bust out anctual ink some time when I'm not so lazy haha.

My frist one is an Arthur Rackham study. Will try to make something of my own today.
[Image: tumblr_oedwhfBmvP1r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]
First time using a brushpen.
Hey Jyonny, Welcome Back :) 002 Actual INK :P
Inktober 2/31

Self portrait from mirror (before haircut)

[Image: WNRLhPN.jpg]
Wow Amit, that portrait is... wow.

Day 2:
[Image: tumblr_oefbmmLT1v1r76fkmo1_1280.jpg]
Eyliana Awesome study! I love Arthur Rackham, nice to find someone else who knows of him.
Olooriel Great control of the pen for the first time! Those fences are so straight, great job!
Amit Thanks dude, and it's good to see you man up and use real ink, looks great, lovely layered hatching.
Miracoly Looks great too! You really got the hang of simplifying architecture, you drew that from photo's or drawings?
Z Awesome selfie, can see you've really been embracing the NEET lifestyle :D Do you draw in pencil first or layer it up from markers?

Day 2 from me - perspective is broken but it should fool the casual observer!:

@Jyonny; Thanks! I tried to apply the things of yesterday todays work. I need to study figures...
Hey Everyone! I don't have much to say right now on account of being tired and sleepy,
but I do have drawings.

day 1 which was very rough....yikes

This was from today.

Good night folks. B210e58c
Thanks Jyonny and Olooriel (loved your brush pen stuff btw, very solid looking) ! Sorry it's late can't comment on others' stuff..except to say keep it going, you're doing great!

Here's 03.  Struggled, took too long, too tired, sucky, but I did it without master ref this time so guess it's to be expected.
day tray

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