Inktober 2015
Hey guys! Inktober challenge starting tomorrow. Get those brushes / pens / whatever out, get messy and join in! It's a great challenge to get a fast boost in skill with those tools (check last years thread for all the fun we had: )

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Oh yeaa

Day 1 (I assume we are supposed to put them here?)
Arachne, ink and watercolour on watercolour paper
[Image: oct_01_15_by_punk_a_cat-d9bido0.jpg]

Welcome to the thread Jeso and Punk-a-cat, yes please post them here!

That's a really creepy lady! My eye keeps going to her crotch and it is creeping me out XD good job ^^ nice lines too.

My first one, just warming up today:

[Image: q3lCY2U.jpg]

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Made it! Haven't done a whole lot of ink stuff recently, so I'm just doodling around for now. 

Punk: Dat Spidermouth. You plan on doing monstergirls all the way?

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@Jonny Great you started this thread! And those lines look awesome, did you do those with brush or pen?

@Punk-A-Cat Wow she's creepy, I don't want her sneaking around my place at night :)

@Lodratio Nice stuff, I really like the texture on that dragon.

Here's my first day, starting with some food...

Punk-A-Cat, that's really disturbing, love it!

Today's effort, kinda wonky - might revisit this later in the month if that's allowed!

Brush pen iz fun.

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Yeees, Inktober!

This month I am doing occult-y things, demons, and the Venetian Renaissance.
Feel free to follow me @paracoma on Instagram!

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Looking AWESOME guys!
Day two - I'm doing mythical creatures, so..have a Centaur
[Image: oct_02_15_by_punk_a_cat-d9bmu26.jpg]

sup dagz!

Looking good guys <3 'specially digging yours, sir JJ of the Aaron o: !

I'm way behind lmao
But I'm really gonna try push myself this round. No turning back!

Lodratio Welcome man! Keep doodling, looking good
Foxflake Awesome stuff, ink & water? What kind of paper you use with that? Mine was brush for the outlines and pen for the hatching. Too scary to try and hatch with brush though the pro's do it like that.
Lurch I like the character on the hut, how you feathered out of the shadows, nice transition.
JJ Hey dude! Wicked alien. You just went for that freehand? Sometimes the best stuff comes out unplanned like that.
Vlada Looking forward to more scary stuff!
Punk cat Love the hat on that guy, can imagine him in the east end of London selling carrots.
Smrrr Welcome to the party : ) you're drawing is dynamic and action packed as ever!

I'm really stoked so many people joining in!

Mine for today: I saw some girls doing cartwheels in the park and it looked cool to draw. This is first panel in a kishoutenketsu (4 panel story without conflict).

[Image: 2rHwuMv.jpg]

I could've done more with line weight and overlap to make it read better but I was too scared to do anymore. It was pretty intense inking that <_>

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Man, having lots of people participate in this kind of thing is pretty amazing.
I like how clean everyones linework is. Mine feels super rough by comparison.
Foxflake: That's a really nice effect.
Jyonny: I think it reads well enough, and working primarily with just one lineweight gives everything a unified feel.

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great work everyone!

I was just thinking it would have been cool to have a theme like some of you have, or maybe spend the month drawing things that would be part of a bigger piece that spanned the last few days.

If only I had the foresight, and the skills! hahaha!

I might try and keep mine vaguely halloween spooky, maybe cliche horror film elements or something like that, we'll see how my attention span holds up.

here's mine for today, tried to go with horror film weapons, doesn't look like much but took me aaaages!

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oOOooo the linework is /beautiful/ Lurch, that feathering looks perfect!

@Jyonny, this is adorable!! I really want to see the rest of them and panels are a really great idea. More spooky stuff coming c:
@Lodratio, messy is good sometimes -- your brushwork is pretty slick, the tones are lovely. I especially like the character on the bottom left, I want to know his story!
@Lurch, these look like flash tattoos! I love them, please make more!

Day 2 -- The Occultist

[Image: 12104958_179252625745107_1933185713_n.jpg]

Cool stuff everyone 

@smrr:  Thanks!, I love your collage pages. 

@JyonnyNovice: Thanks dude, no I started with a loose pencil sketch underneath. 

Day 2!

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So wowed by what everyone is doing, and by the fact everyone has a different inking style.. I've been studying inking for a while now and it's only seeing it like this it sort of clicks how many ways there are to express it.

Day 3 Cerberus , kinda wonky because I’m babying my sore arm ;-;
[Image: oct_03_15_by_punk_a_cat-d9br0p6.jpg]

Awwwwwww snap! 

Thanks Jyonny! And a big thanks to starting Inktober back up for 2015!! Keep killiiiinn' with your crimson daggerrrr!

Oohhh dat style, vlada

I straight up was like "damn!" when I saw your smooth inking, lurch, srs o:

Yeah you're not wrong, Top Cat --- soooo many different styles. Also, Cerberusss! great subject ;D

Jones in the friggin' houseeeee! so loose. so ahhh!


rushed poopy fanart stuffs for day 2+3 
I had to catch up!! 
Now I'm up to speed, phew

lets keep it goin' dagz!


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